Weekly and Monthly Planner Appointment Book, 15-minute Time Block

Key features of Weekly and Monthly Appointment Book and Planner  2024-2025:

  • This planner runs from July 2024 through December 2025. Each page is 8.5″x10.83″
  • This appointment book/ planner 2024 2025 has a 15-minute time block for your appointments, hourly bookings, and weekly planning.
  • Hardcover, this weekly-monthly appointment book, and planner lay-flat spiral-bound design making it perfect for professional and academic planning.

Price: $19.99

Product Description

Having an organized lifestyle need not be boring. Say no to chaos, missed appointments and lost notes, update your shopping list conveniently, while doing it in style with this attractive weekly-monthly appointment book and planner 2024 2025

Why is StriveZen’s Weekly and Monthly Planner and Appointment Book 2024 The Best Choice For You?

Still undecided on what organizing tool will help you keep up with your busy schedule? Plan your activities, events, and appointments for the next year and keep track of your meetings and deadlines with our 2024 2025 appointment book.

details and features about the weekly and monthly planner 2021 to 2022

This appointment book is packed with features to help busy professionals, business people, teachers, students, moms or anyone looking to add some organization to their life. The monthly spreads help you plan your months in advance, weekly spreads with daily columns are designed to keep track of multiple daily activities, extra pages for the notes, pockets for important documents, a bookmark for easy page tagging and much more.

I love this planner! Very well made, sturdy. It has everything I need, appointment times, notes, goals, etc. I will definitely buy again next year!

Sandy Vanburen
2024 to 2025 weekly and monthly planner with 15 minute increments

The weekly and monthly pages will help you plan your week and your month. This planner is perfect for people looking to pack a lot of details on each of their days in the week. The weekly spread starts on a Sunday and ends on a Saturday. Each daily column starts at 7 AM and goes through 8 PM. Each hour is divided into 4 sections with a 15-minute time block each. There is a full monthly spread at the beginning of each month for the monthly planning.

This appointment book will help you be on top of your busy schedule. The features are designed with the specific goal of making your life easy and help you plan with ease.

I’m a piano teacher, so it’s not often you find an appointment book in 15 minute increments for 7am to 9pm. There’s also a really useful multi-year page that allows you to peek into all of 2021 for planning, not to mention spaces to capture your most important monthly goals. I like the included “monthly review” space as well. The whole month calendar is also visible on all pages. It’s nice to have a holiday calendar in the back of the book for not only the current calendar year (2020) but also 2021, 2022, and 2023 for major holidays. There’s also a pocket in the back to store receipts, notes, keys, or anything you can fit into it.

– Sean Morris

The Advantage of Using StriveZen’s Monthly-Weekly Planner and Appointment Book

There are many planners out in the market these days. It differs in size, design, and features, but it all has the same usage. You can also choose to go digital or stick to paper planners or you can use both at the same time. 

However, if you are looking for something detailed, where you can break down your schedules hourly or even in 15-minute time blocks, write notes without worrying if there is enough space left or plan what you want to do and achieve in a month, this planner will work perfectly for you.

weekly and hourly planner with 15-minute increments
Monthly Spread
weekly and hourly planner with 15-minute increments
Weekly Spread with 15-minute time blocks

What People Say About Our Appointment Book-Planner

As a therapist I need an appointment book with quarter hours. The pages are strong, and the cover is very sturdy for going in/out of my brief bag. I didn’t like the standard office planners our center purchased. Now my colleagues are jealous. – Reid Swetland

We were in search of a sturdy planner that allowed for scheduling appointments in 15-minute intervals. This was the best product we could find and it did not disappoint. The cover is sturdy and the planner allows for scheduling in short time increments, daily or weekly. This makes it truly versatile. –EBW

This product is perfect for our family needs…durable & sturdy, yet lies flat for making notes of appointments…space for details for multiple schedules to keep us organized. we are very satisfied with this tool & we’re enjoying using it. –Lily

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