How to Integrate Your Digital Lifestyle With Your Paper Planner?

combination of paper calendar and digital calendar

There are two kinds of people these days; the old souls or the people who prefer to do things traditionally and the techies or the technically inclined ones. Since everything is going digital nowadays, it all boils down to our preferences whether to use technology to our advantage or keep doing things the traditional way.

The same goes for the way we organize our schedules. Some people, including me, prefer to keep the use of pen and paper, while others find solace in using their phones or computer. That spark a discussion about whether keeping a physical calendar is better than the digital one or vice versa.


Still not sure which is better between the two? The truth is, using a digital calendar is no better than using a physical calendar. Both have their drawbacks. Eventually, your lifestyle will dictate what suits better for you. To guide you with your choices, take a look at our infographic below.

pros and cons of using digital calendar and physical calendar

Why not use both..?

See the advantages and disadvantages of the two? What can you notice? The digital calendar and physical calendar is not in competition. There should never be a question of which works better between the two. The fact is, both fill in the drawbacks of the other and it would be a very smart move to use both digital and paper calendars as complementary to each other.

Plan on a paper calendar of appropriate size. Choose the size based on your planning and appointment needs. Then take a photo of the calendar and email/text it to your partner, coworkers, kids, etc. In case there would be changes in schedule, host the link to your image of the calendar on google drive. That way, you get to experience the best of both worlds.

Combining the two will never be easy at first. It takes a lot of switching, which means you have to get used to writing schedules to your physical calendar then typing it to your digital calendar. It sounds a lot of work, but what matters most is it will help you get more organized.