Stickers Pack for Planner

Key features of stickers pack for planner, cute holiday stickers for planner/calendar.

  • This planner stickers pack contains 16 sheets of 512 cute stickers organized in multiple categories for your planner or calendar.
  • Each sheet is approximately 5 x 8 Inches.
  • Each sheet contains 32 stickers that mostly range from 15-20 mm x 15-20 mm in size. 
  • Made with bright, colorful, fun and high definition quality images.
cute set of sixteen stickers pack for planner

Price: $7.99

Product Description

Having an organized lifestyle need not be boring. Make your daily activities fun by using this colorful and cute stickers pack for planners and calendars.

a desk calendar using the stickers pack for planner

StriveZen’s stickers pack for planner includes all essential daily living themes. The categories included are birthdays/anniversaries and other special occasions, daily chores, friends/family events, health/relaxation, self-expression, productivity, finance/budgeting, travel, and holidays.

cute stickers pack for planner set of sixteen

I bought these because I wanted a clear reminder of family birthdays. They stick well and are bright so easily spotted on a full calendar.

-Nebraska Stalker

Why Is StriveZen’s Stickers Pack for Planner The Best Choice For You?

Admit it or not, planning and organizing schedules/activities is not the most enjoyable and fun thing to do. Make it exciting and interesting by using our cute sticker set. Every single sticker is unique and beautiful. There are NO FILLER stickers to artificially inflate the sticker count.

stickers for projects and tasks and goals

In a world of emojis these calendar stickers are a good way to make sure to notice scheduling events for the year. The stickers are fun and lots of variety for all occasions.


The colorful and beautiful artwork makes even boring activities fun. Don’t forget an important doctor’s appointment, family get together, birthday, anniversary, holidays, and bill payment. There are stickers to remind you to relax and take some required me-time, a reminder for daily exercise, yoga and fitness schedules. There are stickers to remind you of important project schedules and goals.

stickers pack for planners on the table with laptop and a cup of coffee

You can never go wrong with our holiday stickers pack for planner. This will help you make planning and organizing fun while staying on top of your busy schedule. The features in sticker set are designed with a specific goal of making your life easy and help you plan with ease.

buy the set of sixteen cute stickers pack for planner

Planner Stickers Pack by StriveZen, Calendar Stickers, 512 Cute Stickers, Productivity, Birthday, Holidays, Motivational Stickers, Essential Living

What People Say About Our Cute Stickers for Calendar/Planner

I use this in my planner and they are great to use. Goes on easily and lots of different stickers for my yearly plans. I would definitely buy again! –Indianmaiden 823

These stickers are the perfect size for a journal or calendar. Bold colors and many choices. Very pleased. –M. A. Adkins

These are very well made and glossy. Love them so much. I use them in my journals and sometimes card making on the envelopes. –The Scrappy One

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