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As our goal is to help you plan easily and organize your life, we always ensure that all our calendars are of good quality.

Find out how we conduct a quality test on our magnetic calendars and wall calendar to ensure that our products meet your needs and satisfaction.


Experience Joyful Living


Having a hard time organizing your life? It’s never too late for you to be in control and be on top of things. 

With StriveZen calendars, no need for you to worry about forgetting appointments, miss deadlines, nor overlapping schedules. You’ll have more time hanging out with your family and friends, plus, you’ll be able to overcome the complexity, stress, and hassle of your daily life. 


We believe that an organized person adapts to changes well. A person with a plan is better prepared to withstand stress and has a higher chance to succeed in life and enjoys joyful living.


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