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Reviews on Stickers Pack For Planner

There are 15 sheets of stickers. They are colorful and shiny. I read reviews that said they were on the small side, but that’s what I wanted. I just wish there were more holiday stickers; theres only 1 sheet of those. Still, a good value for the money.


I bought these because I wanted a clear reminder of family birthdays. They stick well and are bright so easily spotted on a full calendar.

-Nebraska Stalker

I use them on cards and envelopes to add a little fun to the recipient.
Good price for the quantity.

-Leigh Zander

Size was great quality was great

-Rosie Gibson

They are just great. Very fun and useful

-C C Rider

This is a great quality stickers pack at a great price. I love the high quality designs. Will order again.


These stickers are very cute, and well worth the price!

-Amazon Customer

These stickers were very nice. They were a good size. You got a lot of them. They were bright and vibrant. They were really cute. The kids liked them. They stuck pretty well. It was a nice assortment. You can use them on all sorts of places. They really can make something look unique and nice. They were pretty easy to peel. They stayed on well. I was pleased with quality and durability. I would recommend it.

-B. McCarthy

I do have a journal/notebook for different activities, like one for my writing and ideas, one for my cooking recipes, and another for my yoga exercises. Adding stickers as reminders, as motivation or milestones, I feel that it keeps me on track for whatever I’m doing. This set is great with so many different stickers to choose from.

-Cat Martin

Cute and all of them are unique: there are no repeated stickers. Are more or less the size of a penny. Good adhesive power. I use them for bujo.


This sticker pack has something for everyone and then some. They’re a shiny, heavyweight sticker. From holiday stickers to yoga, travel, math related- it’s like a whole catalog of clip art stickers.


Super cute, all of the sticker are cute designs. they stick very well too, with so many designs.


I ordered these stickers because my planner of choice doesn’t come with any. These gave me the perfect balance of stickers for occasions and work. I like that they had different patterns and styles. I previously ordered stickers that were all small squares with the symbol or picture on them. These have different shapes and styles and there are many to utilize.


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