Undated Appointment Book, Schedule Planner, with 4-columns and 15-minute time increment

  • This appointment book has 4 columns on each page open to 8 columns. 
  • Undated planner to provide complete flexibility when booking and planning.
  • Goes from 8 am to 9 pm- with big, bold marked hourly slots with 15 minutes time block.
  • This medium size planner is 7″ x 8-3/4″ in size. 
  • Hardcover

Price: $14.99
Now: $12.99

Product Description

Having an organized lifestyle need not be boring. Say no to chaos, missed appointments, and lost notes. Plan with style with this Undated Appointment Book and Planner. Perfect for businesses, professionals, teachers, and moms for yearly and academic planning.

undated appointment book and planner rainbow cover

Why Is StriveZen’s Undated appointment Book And Schedule Planner The Best Choice For You?

Still undecided on what organizing tool will help you keep up with your busy schedule? Plan your appointments, activities, and events using our Undated Appointment Book and Planner with 15 minutes time block.

This planner appointment book is designed to help busy professionals, business people, teachers, students, moms, or anyone looking to add some organization to their life. The numbers are bold and big with hourly and 15-minute time blocks, extra tools like the yearly 2021 and 2022 calendar, notes pages, pocket in the back, holidays list, bookmark, and pen holders have been added to make it a complete scheduling kit.

It is made of a rugged laminated cover, metal wire coil, white crisp quality BLEED-PROOF paper, and professional quality designed for a busy environment.

The Advantage Of Using StriveZen’s Monthly-Weekly Planner And Appointment Book

There are many planners out in the market these days. It differs in size, design, and features, but it all has the same usage. You can also choose to go digital or stick to paper planners or you can use both at the same time. 

undated appointment book and planner rainbow cover
differences between undated planner by strivezen versus other products

However, if you are looking for something detailed, where you can break down your schedules hourly or even in a 15-minute increment, write notes without worrying if there is enough space left, or plan what you want to do and achieve in a month, this planner will work perfectly for you.
undated appointment book and planner rainbow cover
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