Maintaining a healthy boundary between your professional and personal life is such a challenging task these days. In this digital
Sometimes, we might find life kind of boring. Having to do the same things every day, it feels like we
Before, we have only been using our phones to connect to our loved ones by calling or texting. Now, you
Since it’s the quarantine period, I had the time binge-watching movies and drama series. There was a scene in a
Working from home is not a new concept to people who are already doing remote jobs. A 2018 telecommuting statistics
The effect of the coronavirus pandemic is deeply felt by the global workforce. Companies dealing with non-essential goods or services
What are the odds of you being born on the 29th day of February, or better known as the leap
What is the first thing that comes into your mind when you heard of the word Zen? For me, its
Planning is something all organization needs to be successful. It doesn’t matter what sector it is i.e., government, private businesses