Technology really played a part in making our lives easier. Now, we have access to almost everything we need with just a click on our phones or computers. However, some things remained the same. People still chose to keep a sturdy paper planner with cute stickers, to help organize their lifestyle rather than using a digital one.

What People Say About Our Stickers Pack For Planner

stickers pack for planner
Stickers Pack For Planner

The stickers stick really well, some of them are cute, the others seem like filler stickers, but overall good value for the money.

-Alejandra Meeker

These stickers are very cute, and well worth the price!

-Amazon Customer

These stickers were very nice. They were a good size. You got a lot of them. They were bright and vibrant. They were really cute. The kids liked them. They stuck pretty well. It was a nice assortment. You can use them on all sorts of places. They really can make something look unique and nice. They were pretty easy to peel. They stayed on well. I was pleased with quality and durability. I would recommend it.

-B. McCarthy

Cute and all of them are unique: there are no repeated stickers. Are more or less the size of a penny. Good adhesive power. I use them for bujo.


Super cute, all of the sticker are cute designs. they stick very well too, with so many designs.


cute stickers

StriveZen’s Stickers Pack For Planner has been helping people organized their lifestyle in a fun and cute way. This planner stickers pack has been of great use for families, parents and everyone who struggles in keeping their work-life balance.

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