Weekly Planning: How To Effectively Plan Your Week

a planner use for weekly planning
Photo by Bich Tran from Pexels

I know all of us groans whenever we think of Mondays. I have yet to meet a person who gets excited whenever Monday comes. It just gives us mixed emotions; excitement, anxiety, and even exhaustion. Come to think of it, why are we dreading Mondays too much? I think more than anything it has something to do with not knowing what to do and where to start our week.

One thing that can help us feel confident and relaxed in starting the week is by preparation. How can we do that? By planning things out in advance. 

Weekly planning is the activity you do every week for yourself to get the most important work done.   We feel deeply anxious when Sunday night comes. But, instead of getting worried, it’s time for you to get your planner and start planning your week. 

Weekly Planning Steps

1. Always plan your week ahead of time. 

Planning your week before it starts gets you a better overview of how it looks like. You have time to think about what task, activity, or event will you do on a certain day and makes you focus on the most important one. 

2. Know your goals

Before you go into detailed scheduling of the things you need to do, first you must know what your goals are. Planning without knowing what you want to achieve is like driving without direction. It would just be a waste of time. 

3. Prioritize

One of the reasons why weekly planning is important is because it makes you realize what task is more important than the other. When writing your weekly planner, make sure to schedule the most important task as early as you can and focus on it. 

4. Schedule

Like I mentioned earlier, your top priority should be scheduled first. However, you have to rest and give way to other tasks too. That’s why you need to assign each priority task every day of the week. Also, don’t forget to leave time for you to take a breather too. You can’t fully have focused on something if your body and mind is too tired to process anything.