What Is A Stand-Up Meeting?

Meetings are important; it is considered as the most effective form of communication in any workplace. It also keeps everyone in the loop with what’s going on in different departments.  At the same time, it allows people to express their opinions, discuss possible solutions, and present answers to issues within the company. Though, personally, I hate long meetings. I easily get distracted, and sometimes my mind would just wander anywhere else. And admit it or not, it gets boring too. Why waste time in discussion and stuff when you can do stand-up meeting instead?

15 minute stand-up meeting
stand-Photo by fauxels from Pexels

What is a 15-minute stand-up meeting?

A 15-minute stand-up meeting is a work gathering in which you stand up the whole time to keep the meeting at its prescribed limit. Of course, you can’t expect to have extensive discussions and offer comprehensive analysis when doing stand-up meetings. Usually, it centres around workplace productivity, and follow a disciplined, standard sequence of topics. The Manager’s Resource Handbook listed the things to talk about during a stand-up meeting: 

-Focus on the short-term

-Include less than 10 people

-Identify who is working on which tasks

-Highlight issues and obstacles

-Be strictly limited in time

-Have predetermined agendas that rarely change

-Have clear ground rules to stay on task

-Drive near-term productivity –

Set a stand-up meeting once or twice a week (twice as the standard). Make sure to tell your team to schedule a 15-minute time slot in your calendar or planner every week and make it a part of your weekly routine. Not every meeting should be lengthy. Sometimes keeping it short and simple has more impact and is also more productive than spending long hours in the meeting room.