Technology really played a part in making our lives easier. Now, we have access to almost everything we need with just a click on our phones or computers. However, some things remained the same. People still chose to keep a paper planner, specially if it has a 15-minute increment, to help organize their lifestyle rather than using a digital one.

What People Say About Our Weekly And Monthly Planner Appointment Book

weekly planner 2021
Weekly And Monthly Planner Appointment Book 2021

My colleagues are jealous of my planner. As a therapist I need an appointment book with quarter hours. The pages are strong, and the cover is very sturdy for going in/out of my brief bag. I didn’t like the standard office planners our center purchased. Now my colleagues are jealous.

-Reid Swetland

I’m a piano teacher, so it’s not often you find an appointment book in 15 minute increments for 7am to 9pm. There’s also a really useful multi-year page that allows you to peek into all of 2021 for planning, not to mention spaces to capture your most important monthly goals. I like the included “monthly review” space as well. The whole month calendar is also visible on all pages. It’s nice to have a holiday calendar in the back of the book for not only the current calendar year (2020) but also 2021, 2022, and 2023 for major holidays. There’s also a pocket in the back to store receipts, notes, keys, or anything you can fit into it.

-Sean Morris

We were in search of a sturdy planner that allowed for scheduling appointments in 15-minute intervals. This was the best product we could find and it did not disappoint. The cover is sturdy and the planner allows for scheduling in short time increments, daily or weekly. This makes it truly versatile.


Perfect not bulky at all it’s perfect thickness. I would compare it to a regular spiral notebook. The front and back covers are sturdy to keep the book from bending pages. I also like the Rubin page finder and I would absolutely recommend the planner for needing 15 minute interval planning. Has so much more but it’s sizable appt making.


Perfect planner with 15 minute slots for the entire week. This product is perfect for our family needs…durable & sturdy, yet lies flat for making notes of appointments…space for details for multiple schedules to keep us organized. we are very satisfied with this tool & we’re enjoying using it.


weekly planner

StriveZen’s Weekly And Monthly Planner Appointment Book 2021 has been helping people organized their lifestyle. This sturdy weekly and monthly planner has been of great use for families, parents and everyone who struggles in keeping their work-life balance.

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