Why Planner Is Important In Achieving Your Goals

The spread of Covid19 has disrupted our lives in ways we never thought might happen. Just last year, thinking of what 2020 would bring made us giddy with excitement. You have probably made plans, you have your goal set for the year, and you have your vacations booked already. Then all of a sudden, people were getting sick (dying even), we were even prohibited to go out, and just like that, all plans are cancelled (postponed). 

The things we have to go through during the first half of the year were tough. What happened made us realize how much we took for granted the little joys in life. At the same time, it helped us evaluate whether we are taking the right direction or not. Somehow, we were given time to realize, assess, and change our plans and life goals.  

You are probably thinking how much a bother it is to start anew. Changing your life goals means starting a new process and making new plans on how to achieve them. If you are worried about whether or not you can make it, a study made by Locke & Latham stated that people that set goals the right way are 90% more likely to achieve them.  What you need is the right mindset and the perfect tool to help you achieve your goals. 

Importance of Planner in Achieving Goals

Locke & Latham provided 5 key principles for goal setting success: 

-Goal commitment

-Goal importance



-Task complexity

If you wonder why it is related to keeping a planner, simple. It makes it easy for us to remember our goals and the steps we need to take to achieve them. We are busy enough as it is. At the same time, without a planner reminding us what to do and why we do it, it is so easy for us to be on our lazy mode. 

Also, it will play a big role in setting up big goals. Let’s say your goal is making 5 or 6 figures monthly. Even if you work 24/7 you won’t get it easily. Instead, write down the steps on how to achieve it. Put it on your planner and commit to it. It won’t happen overnight, but with hard work and commitment, it will. 

Choosing What Planner to Use

There are many planners out in the market these days. It differs in size, design, features, but it all has the same usage. You can also choose to go digital or stick to paper planners or you can use both at the same time. 

However, if you are looking for something detailed, where you can breakdown your schedules hourly or even in a 15-minute increment, write notes without worrying if there is enough space left or plan what you want to do and achieve in a month, this planner might work perfectly for you.

weekly and monthly planner use in achieving goals
15 minutes slots for your appointments, hourly bookings and weekly planning. Hardcover, lay flat spiral bound design makes it perfect for professional and academic planning. Plenty of pages for taking notes, pockets, yearly overview, contact and holiday pages along with a pen holder and bookmark make this weekly planner a perfect choice for all office and school planning activities. From July 2020 through December 2021. Each page is 8.5″x10.83″

Planners are a great tool in helping you achieve your goals. But no matter how expensive your planner is or how good the features are if you won’t commit and stick to your schedules, it will result in nothing. Stick to it, build a routine and remember that every day brings you a step closer to your goal.