importance of monthly planning

Why Is Monthly Planning Important?

Wouldn’t it be good if we can do everything we need to do without forgetting anything in the process? How amazing would it be if your schedules are already programmed in your mind and you know exactly what and when you have to do it. If it would be that easy, then we would have been living peacefully now without any worries. Unfortunately, it’s unlikely to happen. That’s why monthly planning is a must.

Unlike daily and weekly planning where you can see the details in an hourly manner, monthly planning is like the overview or summary of all your important schedules for the month. Other people favour doing this rather than plotting daily or weekly schedules, some don’t want to do specific scheduling. Whatever your preference, all of it are extremely helpful.

We all have short-term goals we want to achieve. And, you have to admit there are just days when you just want to sit still and do nothing. Procrastination is a big factor in why we fail to hit our targets. But, monthly planning helps you combat that. Seeing all the goals you want to achieve laid out in front of your eyes will motivate you to complete it.

If you want to increase your level of productivity, you can do daily, weekly and monthly planning at the same time. Write a detailed list of your schedule, which includes when and what time you will do it. On the other hand, if you want to have a glance at how will your month goes, go and look at your monthly plan.

The problem of doing daily, weekly and monthly planning though is some planners only offer one feature. Thus, StriveZen addressed this concern and came up with a planner where you can plan weekly in an hourly manner and at the same time provides a monthly spread where you can see a big picture of your month and plan things well.

weekly spread of the weekly and monthly planner with 15 minutes time block
Weekly Spread
monthly spread of the weekly and monthly planner with 15 minutes time block
Monthly Spread

A planner is a tool that can help you be productive. However, your attitude is the one that determines whether or not you will achieve it. Commitment, discipline, and the right tool can help you accomplish it.