This is perfect for my needs. It is attractive, so I leave it accessible on my counter. Flip it open and I can see what I have planned for the day. Love it!


Perfect planner with 15 minute slots for the entire week. this product is perfect for our family needs…durable & sturdy, yet lies flat for making notes of appointments…space for details for multiple schedules to keep us organized. we are very satisfied with this tool & we’re enjoying using it.


Overall this was a great purchase. Lots of room on monthly pages as well as on the appointment ones. I didn’t like having to put on my own tabs for the months (they were stickers) and I would like to have a space at the top of each day for all day events.


I love this planner! Plenty of room for all of my appointments and notes.


Laid out SUn – Sat… like a week should be… Pages stay flat… best appointment book I’ve ever had.

-Sheila Onkst

I love this planner! Very well made, sturdy. It has everything I need, appointment times, notes, goals, etc. I will definitely buy again next year!

-Sandy Vanburen

Really sturdy with plenty of space to write appointment details. Hard cover exactly what we needed. Inside paper good thick quality.

-Heidi Kramer

I used this to keep my schedule and my household bills.

-Kimberly Davis

I am a hairstylist that uses this planner for booking my appointments, and it is definitely one of the best appointment books I’ve ever used. The book is durable, has multiple ways of viewing the months (at-a-glance, weekly, daily), the time slots are in 15-minute increments, and I love the little “goals” and “to-do list” sections every week. I feel like this book will keep me better organized. Will likely order another one at the end of the year.


I was out on the market to find an appointment book to keep up with my daily tasks and consultations. There are always apps but paper for me is the way to go and I was looking for something similar to performance. Well after wasting so much money, I’ve finally found one that I will now use every year.

I really love the size and layout. I can see my entire week at a time to get the grasp and start I need every week. The material used is very nice! It shows great quality and time in the product. The binding is strong and built well with the cover so you don’t have to worry about pages being ripped out over the year. It’s protected and feels great.You also have a monthly calendar with each month that is extremely helpful. Big and a lot of writing space!

I really enjoy the book overall. It is now my primary go to and it comes everywhere with me now!

The quality, layout, function and price for this product are perfect. 5/5


Searched & Searched for A HardCover Planner & Could not find one until i came across this one. Definitely big enough to write in, has a calendar on two pages then has a full page section by section for each day to write in hour for hour on what you’re doing, in my case it’s to keep track of our spending in my Business. Definitely something i’d buy again Only thing i’d change would be the Color of the front Cover. Not a big deal but aesthetically it could be better. A simple black or simple solid color would be good. For men & women. But overall ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Thanks a bunch!


Love the hard cover!! I especially love the 15 min. increments of time. Wish it came in different colors. But overall…well worth the purchase!

-Angela D. Wolfson

I just started a job as Mortgage Loan Originator and needed a planner to keep up with my appointments. I wanted to be able to view my month in a snapshot with a weekly view to keep appointments and this planner did both perfectly. The hard bound cover is preferred for my constantly on the go environment.

The only thing it was missing or so I thought was monthly tabs. I bought monthly sticker tabs but was pleasantly surprised when this planner included them.

I will definitely buy this again for 2022

-Damon Bailey Smith

Perfect not bulky at all it’s perfect thickness. I would compare it to a regular spiral notebook. The front and back covers are sturdy to keep the book from bending pages. I also like the Rubin page finder and I would absolutely recommend the planner for needing 15 minute interval planning. Has so much more but it’s sizable appt making.


I used my appointment book for the first time yesterday and I’m happy with my purchase. The spiral notebook pages make for better turning of pages. I keep everything organized with having this book. I’d recommend this book to everyone. Great price for a very nice appointment book.


I searched a long time for my new planner. I like to keep organized and have each hour laid out, when needed. This planner is extremely sturdy, high quality, and I love the extra sections for notes & “to dos.” Great value and will definitely keep purchasing!

-Jill Marie

I have a lot of planner books. And appointment books but this one is my favorite. It has the whole month. Then it has daily slots with 15 minute intervals. It’s also hardback with is great too!

-Mary Marsh

The best appointment book I have EVER found!!!!!! Please oh pleeeeeeeease…have one for December in preparation for January 2022!

-Angel P.

Amazing! So much room to put all my customers info in it and I love the 15 minute increments to write in all my customers appointments.

-Benjamin Hughes

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  1. Heather Gerber

    I have 2 part-time jobs (private music teacher and music director for a Catholic parish) with unconventional schedules. I have looked at MANY different planners and this is BY FAR the most useful. It has EVERYTHING I was looking for: A spiral-bound hardcover so it lays flat, pockets, weekly AND monthly calendars, 15-minute time slots from 7am to 9pm, and is a very simple design without all the frou-frou pictures / inspirational quotes / other distractions. And to top it all off, the price is MORE than reasonable! This is the only planner I will ever use from now on! As soon as the 2024-2025 planner becomes available I’ll be purchasing it.

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