Great for planing. Love the is has magnets and lines to write. Making my planing so much easier.

-Jessica Fisher

It is always handy to have a magnetic calendar on the side of our file cabinet, and the style that I have been using for several years is rather small. Lately, the numbers are mostly a very light pastel which makes them very difficult to see without getting really close to the calendar. This year, I started looking for a new design and discovered one from StriveZen, that seemed to feature many of the details that I wanted.

The size of the calendar itself is a big plus, as it gives enough room on each day to write an appointment or anything important, with extra room on the right side for added information. Paper for each month is thick enough to not tear or wrinkle easily when writing, and when a month has passed, the sheet tears off with no trouble. Three large magnets on the back hold the calendar exactly where placed, with no slipping at all, even with opening and closing the cabinet. The colorful and fun drawings are focused on numerous happenings for each month, and I enjoy seeing what will be highlighted. I really like that the calendar started so early in the current year, thus making it possible for me to begin using it as soon as it arrived and can continue to do so all the way through the following year. The biggest selling point for the product is its much larger numbers than most other magnetic calendars, as I can see the date from across the room.

-A. Richard

I’m very happy with this product. The size is good. Big, but not TOO big. It has room to write some notes on the side. The magnets on the back hold it to the fridge well, which is nice, as my calendar last year was lousy about that.
The only thing that is weird, but not a deal breaker, is that some months that only have 1 or 2 days in the last week, they will put the 30 or 31 on the first spots of the top week. Most likely to save space, so they don’t have to add a 6th line to the template. But it’s just a little odd- or, different!

-Jammie Smith

The month organizer/Calendar is a very effective and simple tool, especially this product as it gives you clean 30 or 31 small posit notes at a glance, the cool thing is I can take a picture after I have updated my organizer and use it as I want. I don’t have to carry small post it notes everywhere. Love it and plan on using it.

The paper quality and the way it tears very easily without leaving small piece of paper in the end. It is not very appealing when small pieces of the organizer is ripped at the edges. Overall very happy with the product and would recommend to my friends.

-Guru Bhandari

Strong magnets that hold perfectly onto freezer door. Enough room to write and keep organized.

-Amy Vargas

I wanted the convenience of a magnetic calendar, but needed a record of “when I did what” . This calendar is perfect! It’s not write a month, erase, start over. Every month I easily remove the paper sheet, fold it in half and put it in a folder. Voila! A permanent record of what/when. I know it seems unimportant, but it’s a time-saver and so convenient when you’re on the phone. The pages tear off clean and the Sharpie ink doesn’t bleed through.


I have two girls in school who get a lot of homework assignments and I needed some to keep track of them. Dry erase doesn’t work for me because you can’t plan ahead. This calendar is great because I can keep it on the fridge so it doesn’t take up wall space. (I already have my own calendar on the wall.) It’s really easy to plan ahead and then when the month is done you just tear it away. The magnets are strong so it stays in place. Highly recommend!


It is so difficult to plan for a whole family especially when two of the members of the family are gone every other weekend and when we have pay day or when we have family trips. The kids look at religiously. It has worked out well and it fits neatly on the fridge and the magnet is sturdy enough that it doesn’t move an inch.


Yippee a calendar that has room to write all our stuff in daily. I love it. Love the corner holders to keep pages intact. I have added two strip magnets on the back to keep it from sliding slightly on my fridge. It would be totally perfect if it were an inch less wide (in the notes/to do section) for French Door refrigerators. I especially like having a full year and a half to keep all upcoming events updated.

D. Schroeder

 This product is something I’ll buy every year morning forward. Adorable themes on each month. Large space to write multiple things. A little side pouch to put your pens! This is the best way to get my year organized properly and right.

-Alexandra Saghbazarian

This is exactly what I was looking for in a calendar! I put it up on my magnetic dry erase board in my art room. I love that I there is plenty of room to write down my appointments, due dates and up coming events, and I can easily read them too! I also love the designs and colors on each month. I’m very happy with my purchase!

-Xiara Bowles

Best way for my son to stay involved with the days events. I use the calendar to keep tract of my families activities & appointments. I love the magnets so we can see it regularly on the frig and it’s easy to keep tract of appointments, activities and playdates with different color pens.

I use stickers to show how proud I am he is going to school each day and having fun, learning and listening to the teacher and making new friends. He loves to see the stickers and it makes him open up about his day. Stickers and pens not included.

-Jodi S.

I was worried the corners would flip up after a while but that was not the case. Only a month left on it and it is still one of my favorite purchases. Keeps everything organized and easy to read. Thick pages so no bleeding when crossing off days or writing dates down. Easy tear off. Sticks to the fridge great! I love it!!!!


Great deal! I use ours on the fridge to put meals on and upcoming bills and appointments so we don’t forget! This way we can all see if someone has taken out dinner ? and no one can miss appointments or due bills, because face it, who doesn’t go to the fridge and read what’s right in front of their face ?

-Kathy Jordan

Love this calendar. Adheres well to stainless steel fridge. Clear, easy to read dates in boxes. I use a highlighter for appts so I can glance at the calendar and know what’s coming up. I had one last year from a Dollar Store that was garbage. You get what you pay for.


Magnets ARE strong enough to hold the calendar. All of the months have a different theme and are fun and cute! Highly recommend! I couldn’t find any at walmart and when i did, they did not have magnets on the back so i had to make my own. This is way better. great quality, great paper.

-Breazy Jo

Just what we wanted, a calendar with bright, large and easy to read numbers and plenty of space to write on. The magnets are really strong and hold well. I bought one for myself and 1 as a gift for my sister, and she loves it. I Will buy it again next year.


I bought this calendar to use and coordinate events with my family. We all have a lot going on and this method is working out well. We stuck it to our fridge. The magnets are strong. The paper quality is good and I like the design. It is the perfect size for us. Not too big, not too small. I would recommend this calendar.


I was pleasantly surprised at how well this calendar was built. Worth the price for sure. My husband and I now have all of our appointments in one spot and easy to read as each date gives plenty of space to write your information. I will definitely buy from this company next year!

-Linda Evans

Works great as a central command post for my family. Everyone has to eat so having the our monthly plans right on the fridge helps us keep a tight ship. I love the colorful decorations and it’s great having a pen holder right next to it for last minute notes.


I loved being able to get a big calendar that was still cute and I had enough space to write everything I need and the magnets for the fridge are very strong I have had no issues with it staying on hands down will be buying again next year maybe even as some gifts as well

-Sharon Bennis

The calendar has a lot of room for appointments, etc and has a monthly column for notes and to do. The magnets are strong enough to keep the calendar on the refrigerator and the specific decorations for each month is cute.

-Dance girl

A large size. I can see the dates from across the room, which is nice. No problem sticking to the fridge. The months didn’t start where I needed them so I pulled 3 off to get to Sept, and no issues there, just take your time. Nice holiday themes to go with the months. I have an older side by side fridge and it fits perfectly on the fridge side.


This calendar is great for listing daily menus and special events. I have it displayed on the door so we can see today’s events as we leave for work. Paired with the magnetic notepads I feel organized.

-Eskimo Girl

EXACTLY what I was looking for. Perfect size for the fridge and enough space to write in each day. Magnets works good. It is cute and different designs for each month. Love the notes and to do list on the side. I want to preorder for every year

-Dana Boler

I bought this calendar for myself and then I bought one for my elderly Dad . He lives alone and has memory issues . Its right on his refrigerator. We have a system and I’ve written everything on it for him w/o him having to search for his phone calendar or piling papers on top of a desk calendar. It helps him remember dr apts. and medications every day without me texting or calling . 🙂 thank you !


I love this calendar! It sticks to our fridge really well, is easy to read, and there is plenty of space to write out all of our plans. Each page tears off easily and the pockets keep the corners down. It’s been a huge help in keeping my family organized.

-Lance Hightower

Bought it as a gift but my husband opened it and put on our refrigerator so I had to order another one. Really good quality.


Very convenient for on the refrigerator. Good quality, easy test off sheets, and sturdy magnets. This is the 2nd year in a row I’ve purchased one of these. Hopefully they are available next year as well!!


Nice calendar for a busy family. Boxes are big enough to easily write several items for busy days. Best part is the whole family can easily read and see what’s going on for the entire month at a glance.

-Happy Planter

Each day has lines to write on.
Each month has very nice pictures at the top for the season or holiday that month.
Magnets are terrific and hold it to my refrigerator front.


I was looking everywhere for a fun calendar for my home for my grandkids’ school schedule. This one is perfect and the seasonal pictures are adorable! I put it on my fridge. The magnets are strong and hold good. The paper has a high quality feel to it. The size is just right for me. So pleased with my purchase! I highly recommend this calendar. You won’t be disappointed. 🙂


Perfect calendar for the fridge!!!! Very easy to read. Perfect for appointments and schedules. The magnets works perfectly and love the pen holder, also with magnet. And it was delivered in perfect conditions and super super fast!! Perfect calendar!!


A year ago, I stumbled upon this product when looking for a 2019 refrigerator calendar for my grandparents. I was surprised at how few products like this there are. It has served its purpose perfectly, and my grandparents insist I get them another one for 2020.


This calendar is the perfect size for writing down notes or events for the day. It has cute designs and colors.
It’s very sturdy and the magnets have a strong hold. I’m definitely going to purchase another one next year.