Planner For Beginners: Things To Consider Before Buying A Planner

There are probably thousands of different designs and styles of planners in the market right now. Some offer the same features as the other brands, while others added unique features to sell their products. It made choosing what planner to buy a dilemma for you and for me who is trying to organize life and be on top of things despite crazy schedules.

strivezen planner

1. Know your Lifestyle

There are different styles of planners to choose from. The most common are the weekly/monthly planner, monthly planner and daily planner in both paper and digital. If you buy a monthly planner just because the design and the cover look cute without considering your round the clock schedules, then you won’t likely get the result you wanted.

If you want a planner to help you with your busy life, then acknowledge your lifestyle and consider your schedules. You can save money and at the same time save yourself from being buried in your work.

2. Pen Bleed-through

How annoying can it be when you are trying to organize your life, but the planner won’t cooperate? You are religiously writing down your schedules only to find out the pen bleeds through the next page. Instead of feeling at ease, you’ll feel more stress.

Make sure you’ll choose a planner that has bleed-resistant paper. I don’t blame you if you have trust issues from brands and companies stating that their products are like this and that. Some really result in false advertising. Always read reviews, listen to what people are saying.

3. Hard Cover

If you plan to bring your planner with you wherever you go, make sure to look for a hard covered one. Putting it in and out of your bag will make your planner worn out rather quickly.

4. Extra Pages

Some planners don’t include notes and to-do list section anymore. You only have the daily blocks to write your to-do lists and will take a lot of your block space. Having notes and a to-do list section will help you be on track of your schedules effectively.

5. Lays flat

If you want to write in your planner comfortably, choose a planner that has a lay-flat binding.

If you are still looking for a planner that will fit your needs and lifestyle, check out StriveZen’s monthly planner, and StriveZens weekly/monthly planner and appointment book.



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