Planner for Beginners: Setting Up A Planner


planner set-up

For planner enthusiasts, there is nothing more fulfilling and exciting than setting up a new planner. A new year, with new goals and new priorities. But for newbies who are just starting in their planner journey, this one is for you.

Setting up Your Planner

After carefully choosing what planner to use, you can now finally start planning and organizing your life. For those who are still undecided about what planner to buy, you can read the article Things to Consider Before Buying a Planner to guide you in making choices.

1. Tools and Supplies

A planner is not enough to make you organize your life. When you are starting planning, you need to have the basic tools and supplies with you that includes:

Pen: This is a no-brainer. Of course, you need something to write on. It’s just a matter of buying pens in different colors to color-code your schedules or stick to the black one that leads to the next one,

Highlighters: If you don’t want to use colorful pens, then highlighters might work for you. You can use it to color-code your schedules while sticking to one colored-pen.

Stickers: Stickers are not just for vanity. It can really help you see your urgent appointments/schedules right away as they can easily catch your attention.

stickers pack for planner

There are other accessories you can add to your planner as you go on. However, the tools and supplies on the list are already enough for you to start your planner journey.

2. Planning and Scheduling

Again, the first thing to consider before buying a planner is your lifestyle. Having it in mind will make planning your daily, weekly or monthly schedules easier.

strivezen monthly planner
Monthly Planner where you can plan your long term events, vacations, special projects and appointments. Each monthly spread includes columns for keeping track of your notes and to-do list.

Start categorizing the things you need to track. Write down all your appointments, events, bills, activities, goals, personal time, and work-related stuff like meetings, reports, etc.

strivezen planner
A Weekly and Monthly Planner wherein the weekly spread starts on a Sunday and ends on a Saturday. Each daily column starts at 7 AM and goes through 8 PM. Each hour is divided into 4 sections of 15 minutes each.


3. Prioritize

Now that you have all your activities laid out in your planner, it’s now time to prioritize. Determine what task needed urgency and use a red pen or a highlighter on it. This will help you decide what task to do first.


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