Working Moms and Planner: The Secret to Staying Organized

The whole Covid-19 situation may have put the world at a standstill for a while, however, life continues, work resumes and our responsibilities never stop. The demand between work and home are increasing that parents, especially working moms, are feeling the effect of it.

I am not yet a mother myself, but I have a lot of working mom friends who are stressed, anxious, and depressed in the process of keeping their work-life balance. I have known them as problem-solver, but these days staying organized is such a struggle for them.

According to research, women carried a heavier load than men in providing childcare after schools closed due to Covid-19. Working from home plus remote learning are pushing moms to the edge.

How Do Working Mom’s Stay Organized

The longer you work from home, the more messed up your organization skills will be. For working moms who need to make sure their kids are eating well, attending to their studies, doing their homework while also trying to work normally at home, it can even get messier. To stay organized, working moms need to have a system and a tool that can keep them away from hitting the breaking point.

mom writing on her planner

With that in mind, we designed our 2021-2022 monthly planner to help working moms plan and organized their busy schedules. There are a million things to do in caring for the whole family and working at the same time. We have considered that fact and incorporated it into the planner. The large daily blocks plus the notes and to-do sections will be your advantage in keeping track of multiple daily activities for you and your family. The result is there won’t be any appointments, reports nor activities that will be left behind nor forgotten.

Bleed through are seriously annoying. How can you stay organized yourself when your planner doesn’t look organized in the first place? Thus, we made sure to use a bleed-resistant paper to avoid such issue. Also, I know for a fact that a working mom has a lot of pent-up emotions. Release your stresses and frustrations in this planner in whatever way that would make you feel good. No need to worry as it has a solid ring binding at the spine and is designed to withstand rough handling.

Stay organized despite your crazy schedules, and plan with ease with the 2021-2022 monthly planner.