increase productivity

What To Do To Increase And Improve Productivity? All of us want to improve at work and increase our output.

Weekly Planning

I know all of us groans whenever we think of Mondays. I have yet to meet a person who gets

Majority of us have come to understand the value of planning into our lives. The number of responsibilities we have

When we were in our youth, we have this notion that we can do anything we want in life. We

importance of planner

The spread of Covid19 has disrupted our lives in ways we never thought might happen. Just last year, thinking of

stand-up meeting

Meetings are important; it is considered as the most effective form of communication in any workplace. It also keeps everyone


For most of us, managing our time is just so hard to do. There is always that feeling of not

time blocking

How do you handle tons of tasks, meetings, deadlines and “me” time all in 24 hours? Let’s admit it, balancing

How to be productive when there are so many things to do, yet so little time to accomplish it? I