Scheduling Weekly Activities With Your Kids

Kids are like sponges, they might be playing around and busy making a mess of your homes, but in reality, they are observing. They absorb the things they see and hear, whether good or bad. ‘Coz how can a child differentiate the good from the bad, right? Thereby, parents must inculcate good habits in their children as young as they are. Habits are tough to break and they will carry into their adulthood.

According to a study, children develop habits by the age of 9. As parents, you carry a big responsibility in forming it. You are your children’s role model, and what they see in you they will likely copy.

Thus, exposing your kids to routines like letting them be involved in scheduling their weekly activities will help them be organized once they get to adulthood.

Ask your kids their preferred activities

Parents usually are the ones deciding what activities their kids will do. The thing is, it might not be the things your kids want to do. They are just doing it for the sake of obeying you. Take the time to ask your kids what they want to do for that week. They may be in the mood to swing, go to the park, etc. By letting them pick what activity they want to do, you are teaching them the importance of decision-making. It will boost their confidence.

Make things simple

Setting schedules for your kids doesn’t only involve scheduling activities they want to do. It also includes simple chores and tasks that need to follow daily.

Teach them the importance of consistency

It is easy to schedule activities chores and tasks for kids, the challenging part is how to make it consistent. Routines are only formed when done consistently. As parents, you need to make sure your kids are doing their tasks religiously. Check on them every day, but don’t be too strict. They are still kids, make it fun for them.

The best tool for planning and scheduling activities for kids

The key thing to making scheduling and planning activities for kids a success is to involve them. How do you further involve them aside from letting them decide what activities they want to do? Set up a family command center. And nothing better than having a calendar, where everyone cans see and write the household’s activities, tasks, and chores. By seeing the calendar and knowing that the adults use it to know each other’s schedules, it helps the kids develop their sense of belongingness.

StriveZen Weekly Magnetic Calendar

Where to install your family command center is an integral way of planning as well. It needs to be in a place where everyone can see and visit. That makes a magnetic calendar the perfect planning tool to use when scheduling activities, chores, and tasks involving kids.

StriveZen Weekly Magnetic Planner is a colorful planner that has 52 individual sheets wherein you can plan your weekly activities with your kids. Writing your kid’s to-do list is made easier with this magnetic planner as it has enough space to jot everything down. The different colors of the daily blocks will also entice kids to plan and schedule.

magnetic weekly planner

The magnets used are of top quality, they are strong and heavy-duty to make sure the weekly magnetic planner holds out until the last page. The paper used is thick, you can let your kids be creative when they plan like using colored pens/pencils and letting them draw on each page.

By teaching your kids to plan and schedule weekly activities, you are helping them be responsible adults in the future. Once they make it a habit, they will never forget it till they grow older.