Tips on How to Manage a Busy Family Schedule

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Life being single with a hectic work schedule is hard enough to manage. Life being a parent with a hectic work schedule is unimaginable, it requires a high level of time management skills to make sure that you are on top of the craziness. So how do you manage a busy family schedule?

Tips on How to Manage a Busy Family Schedule

To make sure that everything is organized for you and your family and to keep your sanity intact despite the chaos, follow the few simple tips below.

Create routines for the family

Being a parent doesn’t mean you have to do everything for your kids. You should let them do things on their own while guiding them in the background. That is why creating routines for the whole family including the kids plays a big part in keeping things in order. You’ll save time thinking about what chores to do next, save energy from nagging the kids to do their assigned household tasks, and most importantly, lessen the amount of stress by knowing that you are in control of things.

A family calendar is your lifesaver

You can barely remember your to-do list; how do you think you can do so for the whole family? There is no way you can do that. But, with the help of a family calendar, you won’t have to worry about missed appointments, forgotten events, or overlooking simple errands. That family calendar will be your household’s command center.

This is especially important if you and your husband have different work schedules and you barely see each other every day. You can write all your appointments for the whole month, adding important reminders if something comes up unexpectedly. You may not see each other as often, but you still keep track of each other’s activities.

The same thing goes for the kids. For those who are big enough to read and write, having a family calendar is a preparation for them to have better time management skills in adulthood. When writing their schedules and looking at the calendar religiously to know what’s going on for the day becomes a part of their routine, it will be hard to take it away from them.

2023 cute fridge calendar

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That family calendar is your lifesaver; thus, it is necessary to find one that is of value. A calendar that holds out for the whole family, is functional and interesting enough for the kids. The Magnetic Calendar for the fridge from StriveZen is a perfect example of that.

This Monthly Magnetic Planner has two strong magnets at the back. this magnetic calendar won’t fall off on you and will hold until the last page. The daily blocks are lined so no need to worry about messy handwriting. It also has a space for notes and reminders on each page, so you won’t run out of space to write.

family magnetic fridge calendar

Since this calendar is meant to be attached to your fridge, the materials used are of top quality. Since all of us know how frequently both kids and adults open the fridge, this family magnetic calendar has a high tendency of falling off. But the high-quality, expensive binding prevents the pages from falling apart for a lifetime. Your markers won’t bleed through as well as the papers used are heavy offset paper.

Involving the kids in planning won’t be easy. Kids tend to get bored easily. To avoid that, this family magnetic calendar has different cute designs each month. They are made colorful and child-friendly to keep the kids’ interest and desire to be organized. The different designs and colors in each month will make them anticipate what to expect next.

Work-life balance

Work is important but spending quality time with your family is equally important, if not more. Learn not to do repeated overtime at work. Remember that time is irreversible. Your kids will grow and eventually will go elsewhere to prepare for their future.

Delegate household chores

Gone are the days the moms must do everything in the household. Keeping a home organized should be a team effort, the husband, wife, and kids. have a family meeting and discuss with everyone the tasks they need to do. Let them write their tasks on the family magnetic calendar to avoid dismissals so they will feel responsible for acting on their assigned tasks.