It’s not a surprise that a lot of office workers are turning into freelancing these days. No more commutes, and

appointment book

When you are into business (big or small), a professional who deals with clients, and a business that offers services,


Have you ever wondered why, despite living in this digital era, people are still using paper planners and loving them?

planner set-up

For planner enthusiasts, there is nothing more fulfilling and exciting than setting up a new planner. A new year, with

strivezen planner

Planner For Beginners: Things To Consider Before Buying A Planner There are probably thousands of different designs and styles of

how to use a planner effectively

How to Use a Planner Effectively How do you balance work and your personal life’s crazy schedules? From meeting the

how to make online class easier

The workforce is not the only one who felt the effect of Covid-19. It was also deeply felt by the

The whole Covid-19 situation may have put the world at a standstill for a while, however, life continues, work resumes

organizing and planning

If you are to rate your planning and organizing skills, where are you from 1 to 10? Have you been