Why should entrepreneurs, professionals,  and busy people time-block?

why do you need to time block

Time is the most precious commodity there is. For business owners and professionals, time is equivalent to money. If you’re like most people, you probably don’t even consider what you’re doing with your time until you’ve already completed it. You might think that being productive is just another way of saying “being busy,” but if we’re honest with ourselves, we know that’s not true. Being productive means having control over your time. And if you don’t have control over your time, then how can you focus on what matters most?

That makes time management a vital skill to develop. It is one of the most important aspects of running a business, and life in general. It’s also one that can be difficult to master, especially when you’re working with multiple projects and deadlines.

Why do You need to time-block

When we talk about time management and productivity, we’re often talking about getting things done quickly–but what happens when we spend all day working on one project or task after another while never getting anything else done? We end up feeling like our lives are out of control because they are! We feel like there’s no point in trying because nothing will ever get accomplished. We feel like nothing good will ever happen again because nothing good ever happened before either.

That’s where time blocking comes into place. 

time blocking planner printable

Time blocking is a great way to get your work done in a timely fashion. It’s also a great way to stay on top of your business and not miss any opportunities.

The first thing to understand about time blocking is that it doesn’t mean “don’t work.” It means “make sure you’re working smartly.” Time blocking is when you schedule your tasks based on the amount of time they take instead of the amount of time they need to be completed. This helps you plan out how much time will be spent on each task so that you can see exactly how much time needs to be allocated for each one. You don’t have to worry about losing track of what’s going on in the future or having too much time left over at the end of the day–you just know exactly how much time each task requires, so there’s no confusion or anxiety about whether or not something will get done before deadline day!

Don’t know where to get started?

The world of business is changing quickly, and it’s more important than ever for owners and professionals to take the time to understand what’s going on around them. That is why it is necessary for them to take advantage of the benefits time blocking offers. 

appointment book and planner

With StriveZen’s Appointment Book and Planner, you can! 

Keeping track of your appointments, meetings, and deadlines can be tricky. hence, StriveZen’s Appointment Book and Planner were created and designed. This appointment book and planner allows you to plan, organize and keep track of your monthly appointments and other to-dos using the monthly spread. at the same time, this appointment book and planner lets you time block your daily tasks in blocks of fifteen minutes at a time in its weekly spread.

time blocking appointment book and planner

This time block feature makes this appointment book and planner beneficial to entrepreneurs, business owners, and professionals. Planning out what needs to be done, when it needs to be done, and how much time each task will take makes you feel confident that every minute of your time is spent on what matters most. As a result, doing so frees up so much of your time you did not realize you have, and instead get more things done by making sure that everything is scheduled and organized properly.

StriveZen’s Appointment Book and Planner are not limited to entrepreneurs, business owners, and professionals. It is for everyone who is in need of a little more focus in their lives.