The Best Magnetic Calendar for 2023

Living in the same house doesn’t mean you always spend time and talk to each other. Everyone in the family will eventually have to deal with other things that are going on in their lives. Not everyone is successful in keeping tabs on each other, though. If you and your family are struggling with it, it’s high time you use a calendar.

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It may not be something you would want to do, but a family calendar is the lifeline of a busy family and its members. It helps them organize and allows them to coordinate with each other in preparation for any event. At the same time, it makes everyone keep track of their daily routines/tasks of each other. Having a family calendar gives a feeling that no one is left out when it comes to planning important events or appointments.

Magnetic Calendar as a Family Calendar

The essence of keeping a family calendar is to let every member of the household write their schedules down so others can see what they are up to. It needs to be somewhere everyone goes daily, making a magnetic calendar your perfect family calendar. Who doesn’t go to the kitchen every day, right?

The advantage of using a magnetic calendar is that it will always be where you want it to be. When your kids rummage through the fridge, they cannot not look at the magnetic calendar. No more excuses about forgetting chores.

The Best Family Magnetic Calendar for 2023

Choosing a magnetic calendar is a bit tricky. How will you know that the magnets will hold out and that the frequent opening and closing of the fridge door won’t make the calendar fall? Hence, this article gives you the best options for magnetic calendars and helps you decide what to buy out of the hundreds available.

  1. StriveZen Magnetic Calendar, 17×12
2023 magnetic family calendar

If you are looking for a new magnetic calendar that perfectly combines style and functionality, then you have found it! This colorful calendar is perfect for keeping you and your family organized and keeping track of each other. This holiday-themed magnetic calendar features large, easy-to-read digits that allow more room for notes and reminders.

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This Large Magnetic Calendar is made for flexibility and convenience. It’s a sleek and stylish calendar that can be attached to any metal surface. It also comes with two grommets so you can hang it on the wall or use it as your desk calendar. It doesn’t matter whether you have a big family or not. This magnetic calendar is big and spacious enough to write your family’s schedules for each month.

  1. Fridge Calendar, Vertical Style, 12×16
vertical style fridge calendar

This is perfect for a family with a French-door refrigerator, though you can still use this if you have a single-door fridge. The vertical style makes it easier for you to fit the calendar on one side of your double-door fridge, which has been a problem for most. This fridge calendar is made taller without compromising on space to record the important events and appointments in your family.

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This fridge calendar is also perfect for people who don’t like too much clutter (drawings) on their calendars. It is made simple yet attractive with its refreshing pastel colors on each page.

  1. Minimalist Style, Magnetic Fridge Calendar, 10×10
minimalist magnetic calendar for fridge 2023

If you are looking for a simple, no-fuss, magnetic fridge calendar, then this one is for you. This magnetic calendar is not as big as the other two, but it is designed in a minimalist way to make it possible for you and your family to record all your schedules without worrying about space.

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Small but functional. The section for to-do and notes on the side is helpful for you to jot down key reminders, goals, and messages for the day, week, or month for the family.

These magnetic calendars are made robust, with thick paper, sturdy bindings, and strong magnets. You won’t be anxious about whether your calendar will fall off in the middle of the year. These calendars are made to last on your fridge.