Minimalist Monthly Refrigerator Calendar

Key features of 2023 2024 minimalist magnetic refrigerator/fridge calendar:

  • This magnetic fridge calendar runs from January 2023 -December 2024.
  • Overall refrigerator calendar size is 10 x 9.5 inches with daily writing blocks, a side column for the notes, and 14 mini-calendars at the bottom.
  •  Has three strong magnets to conveniently stick to the refrigerator surface.
2023 minimalist magnetic calendar

Price: $19.99
Now: $13.99

Product Description

Having an organized lifestyle need not be boring. Say no to chaos, missed appointments and lost notes, update your shopping list conveniently, while doing it in style with this minimalist fridge calendar.

Why Is StriveZen’s Refrigerator Calendar 2023 The Best Choice For You?

Still undecided on what organizing tool will help you keep up with your busy schedule? Plan your activities, events, and appointments for the next year, and keep track of your meetings and deadlines with our 2023 2024 magnetic paper calendar.

minimalist magnetic calendar versus competitors
  • StriveZen’s minimalist magnetic calendar comes with a bleed-proof, thick paper. They tear cleanly and crisply.
  • The binding of this refrigerator calendar is robust and will not fall apart unlike the ordinary glue binding of the other magnetic pad-style calendars.
  • The backboard of this magnetic calendar is strong and flexible to either lie flat or follow the curvature of the fridge door.
  • The two side corners keep the pages tidy and together.
minimalist magnetic calendar versus competitors

I was looking for a easy readable calendar for the refrigerator. This is perfect. The large magnets adhere strongly to the frig. The squares are large enough to add times and activities. The lines on the date squares make it nice so that you have space to write several activities. The notes section on the side, allows for extra notes or reminders of upcoming appointments. Recommend this calendar!

-R. 2.

2023 Minimalist Monthly Refrigerator Calendar Product Testing

We, at StriveZen, always make sure that we offer you good quality products. Check out how we conduct a quality test of our 2023 2024 Minimalist Monthly Refrigerator Calendar to ensure the product meets your needs and satisfaction.

The Advantage Of Using A Fridge Calendar

Why do you need a physical calendar, like a magnetic calendar, when you can use a digital one? Simply because it is more convenient to use. Place the 2023 2024 magnetic paper calendar in a place where it is visible to you and everyone else. Just one glance and you will know when you are free and when you are not.

Keeping a fridge calendar is rather essential in a household. Put it on your fridge where everyone can see, and where the whole family can update their activities. In that case, you keep track of each other’s schedules without a hassle.

woman looking at the minimalist magnetic fridge calendar

Looks great, fits our refrigerator door perfectly; right size for our boys to see and for us to add events without any issues. Will definitely buy again and highly recommend it.

Dick A Larry

You can never go wrong with this 2023 2024 refrigerator calendar. This will help you be on top of your busy schedule. The features in this calendar are designed with the specific goal of making your life easy and help you plan with ease.

2023 minimalist magnetic calendar
january 2023 minimalist calendar

What People Say About Our Minimalist Fridge Calendar

The magnets work well on the fridge! It’s very professional looking and great way to keep track of life.Matthew Fruth

This calendar has good magnets, lots of space to write on each day, is clear to read, and the binding allows looks ahead to future months without breaking or falling apart (unlike last year’s we had). It’s perfect for us. Karl Reutling

Perfect fridge calendar for all our family events . Doesn’t smear like other calendars. –Danielle Little

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