Start them young: Importance of Helping Kids Develop their Planning Skills

kids and planning

Planning is a skill that helps us accomplish goals. The planning process allows you to develop strategies and construct vital steps in achieving your goals. But, somehow, this skill is not being taught in school nor emphasized by some parents. And when you want your kids to be fully prepared in facing the world, start them young. Teach them the importance of planning and assist them in developing their planning skills.

Children develop habits by the age of 9. By that time, you can gradually introduce them to the world of planning. But they have to see you doing the same as well. Kids get easily influenced by their environment. Every time they see you planning, their curiosity piques making them want to do the same thing as well.   

But kids easily get bored. It’s normal and boredom isn’t necessarily bad as it helps them develop skills, creativity, and self-esteem. You can talk with your kids about what they want to do, whether it’s short-term or long-term. From there, you can talk to them about planning, what they need to do and how they can achieve it. 

Fun ways to teach planning to kids

At an early age, kids should understand the need for planning. It may be challenging for both the parents and the child at first, but it will be worth it. Besides, you can always think of something fun to make planning enjoyable for them even at a young age.

colorful family calendar

Kids learn fast when they are influenced by their environment. That is why having a family calendar, that everyone in the household uses, is a huge factor. Let them see whenever you write on your family calendar and explain to them why you do it. Kids pick up on things more than you realize. 

large magnetic calendar
StriveZen Large Magnetic Calendar

But writing on a boring family calendar won’t appeal to kids. They don’t like it plain, they love colors and doodles and stickers. Having a colorful family calendar, with different cute graphics each month will invite kids to write on it, and make kids look forward to flipping to the next page.

let them create their to-do list

Before they jump into plotting their schedules on the calendar, let them write down their to-do list. Sitting with your kids, and helping them think of what they should do for the day will make them feel that, they too, are important and productive. 

Gift them their calendar

Once you have instilled in your kids the importance of planning, it’s high time to let them do planning on their own. Get them a colorful and cute calendar, it may be a desk calendar, a wall, or even a magnetic calendar. 

cute and colorful calendar

Developing a child’s planning skills, as young as they are, plays a big part in achieving their goals. Adults struggle with it, you may have been too. Teaching your kids planning won’t take away their childhood. On the contrary, you are doing them a favor. You are helping them how to be successful.