2021 2-month Wall Calendar, Move-a-Page

Key features of the 2021 2-Month Family Wall Calendar:

  • This vertical hanging wall calendar is 11 inches wide and opens to 27 inches with its two panels fully open.
  • Each daily block of this wall calendar is about 2″ wide and 2″ in height with 5 different rows to write all the different scheduling activities.
  • The spiral binding use in this 2-month wall calendar is made of a high-quality metallic binding kind.
  • Enjoy the move-a-page feature of this 2-month wall calendar.

2-month view wall calendar

Price: $7.99

Product Description

Having an organized lifestyle need not be boring. Say no to chaos, missed appointments and lost notes, update your shopping list conveniently, while doing it in style with this attractive family calendar.

wall calendar

Every month is a celebration. Enjoy the fun designs of this 2-month family calendar 2021. The holiday backgrounds include New year, Valentine’s Day, St Patrick’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s day, 4th of July, Back to school, fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. 

2-month wall calendar
2-month wall calendar

2-month wall calendar

Great calendar! I had the three month version last year and loved it, but I love the colors and designs on this two month calendar. Easy to move the bottom to the top and big squares to write things. I have already sent one to a friend. Thanks so much!!!!


Enjoy its Move-a-page feature! StriveZen’s 2-Month view wall calendar’s move-a-page feature is unique. It is designed to let you easily take a month out of its panel and then just as easily move that month to a different panel.

move-a-page calendar

This unique feature lets you easily take a month out of its panel and then just as easily move that month to a different panel. Extremely useful to conserve notes and markings on a future month as the month changes. You don’t have to rewrite all your notes again on the new set of pages. It is an optional feature as every panel has a full set of months for 2021.

The Advantage of Using a Wall Calendar

Why do you need a physical calendar, like a wall calendar, when you can use a digital one? Simply because it is more convenient to use. Place the 2-month paper calendar in a place where it is visible to you and everyone else. Just one glance and you will know when you are free and when you are not.

advantage of using a wall calendar

Keeping a family wall calendar is rather essential in a household. Put it in a place where everyone can see, and where the whole family can update their activities. In that case, you keep track of each other’s schedules without a hassle.

I love this calendar! With two busy teenagers it helps to be able to see two months at once so nothing sneaks up on you. The calendar pages are super easy to switch from bottom to top at the end of the first month with no need for tape or paper clips. The boxes are large enough to fit more than one appointment/event on any given day. The colors are delightful and not obnoxious. Ours is hanging by our front door so that the kids can see in a quick glance what is going on before they head out the door. When someone comes home with a new event to add it is quick and easy. I will buy this again for next year!


Why is StriveZen’s 2-month wall calendar the best choice for you?

Still undecided on what organizing tool will help you keep up with your busy schedule? Plan your activities, events, and appointments for the next year and keep track of your meetings and deadlines with our 2021 2-month wall calendar.

2-month wall calendar
  • This monthly view wall calendar for 2021 has plenty of space in the 2×2 inches daily blocks with 5 different rows to write all the different scheduling activities. Spacious to-do and notes area to write down any general activities for the weekly or monthly planning. 
  • The paper used in this calendar is of high-quality, bleed proof type. The two panels nicely fold into an A3 size notebook to save for the future. The spiral binding is high quality metallic binding kind.
  • The numbers are easy to read even from a distance since they are designed to be big.

I love thus calender. it has a few fun things, nice size, and I was totally amazed when I ripped off a month and the notches where notched so when you ripped it off it wasn’t like a notebook. I will buy again

-Debbie Frey

You can never go wrong with this 2-month wall calendar. This will help you be on top of your busy schedule. The features in this calendar are designed with a specific goal of making your life easy and help you plan with ease.

What People Say About Our 2-Month Wall Calendar 2021

Two month view very helpful for keeping track of spouse’s many various doctor’s appointments and scheduling. Also the space has enough room for appointment notes.“- Peg

I love always being able to see the current and next month. I have bought about 20 different types / styles of calendars over the past couple of years. I have an event business and I’m always needing to look 6-12 weeks ahead. This has been the easiest, most user-friendly and pretty calendar I have found.“- Telljosie

“It’s 2 separate calendars. No need to move the pages if you don’t want to. Simply remove the top pages to reveal the next months. I love it. Thanks.”- MsKiz

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