Reviews on 2021 2-Month Wall Calendar, Move-A-Page

I really like this calendar. Purchased it to keep track of our hectic schedule at home. The part I love is it the day blocks are large enough to record multiple activities. The overall quality is great and the monthly backgrounds are festive and fun. In my opinion, the best feature is that we don’t have to flip pages over to see the next month’s schedule. Very happy with my purchase!


I liked the colorful holiday decorated months. The rectangles for each day has nice space for writing. It hangs well and I love the repositional sheets. The space at bottom of each sheet is nice for reminders. The only thing it’s missing is on each month I wish it had two small blocks showing the prior month and the next month.




This is exactly what we needed to organize multiple activities. It is great to have a 2 month’s view at a glance. The pages come out easily and move from one section to another very easily. The calendar is well constructed and looks good with the month specific backgrounds.


Very clever idea for easily moving pages up or down to show 2 at a time. Plus, there are 2 complete sets of the 12 months, so have a spare if you make a mistake on one!


Wonderful planning calendar. Lots of room on the calendar itself. If you want more it mounts really well on chart pack. In that case you really have it all. Ha

-William G.

Although it is still December and my new calendar has only been on the wall a few days, I really like it. Main thing is the space to write in. It is perfect for daily home use. It looks as though the 2-month set us will be great and easy to move the pages.


Love it for planning ahead! With rotating schedules, hockey games and play dates it makes it so easy to see a month ahead. Love having 2 months planning right in front of me without having to flip back and forth.


Perfect for my office! Sturdy and easy to read! very nice.


It is exactly what I was looking for, it shows 2 months and is very easy to read.

-T. Garmon

The paper is thick so there is not any bleed through (even when using gel pens!) Each month is very nicely decorated. I have no complaints about this calendar, it is great!

-Wilma L.

love that I can move the next months calendar page up so that I don’t have to rewrite everything and still have two months view.

-Jessica R.

I love this calendar since I now can see two months at a time. I hate when I flip the page at months end with other calendars and I see an important date such as a birthday or an appointment which I’m not ready for. My only problem is I’m not quite sure how to remove the page and insert it again.

-Carole W.

This is a very unique calendar. It’s great to be able to see the current month and one month ahead all at once!

-Amazon Customer

 High quality. Not flimsy. Very good quality and very pretty, too.

-Susan Merlo

I love the 2-month view and how easy it is to change the pages!

-Jill Elias

High quality paper. Easy to use and tear away pages. Plenty of space to write on each day!


Love it! I love that I can see the current month and next month all in one glance!!


Absolutely loved it. Looks good on my command center wall. And it was delivered quick.

-Ranita Pryor

Very nice calendar, each section has every month so you can arrange it however you want. Cute seasonal prints.

-Tana Blett

Nice calendar I work with future dates and it’s nice for that.

-Jill Taber

Now, I just need to find a more useful place to hang it! This is one of the most useful, non-tech, inventive ideas I’ve seen in office produts come out in a long time. For me, it would be more helpful if it were only more space conserving. It has such beautiful, adoreable graphics on tops, sides and bottoms of each page that it creates additional wall space needsI just don’t have. I like the fact that they’ve left about 2″ of lined Note writing areas at the bottom of each page it’s not easy to see bc of the many colors on each page. These are very well made, sturdy wall calandars ,thick pages, will not all apart, beautiful graphics on every month’s page, almost plenty of room to write on the large , line dated squares. I simply love the efficiency of the double months. I need it for both work and personal scheduling, so, therefor am being a bit more critical writing from my own perspective. I think 99% of mothers or children, women in general (no, I’m not sexist I just can’t see a man hanging it in his office) will love it. Yes, I would recommend it to a friend and would consider buying it next year if they would create a version with perhaps fewer graphics to condese space requirements- as it is now, it needs more than 2′ to hang properly. I really appreciate the novel concept and have it hung in the kitchen though need it my office where all the phones, scheduling cards other accoutrments for scheduling are located on 2nd floor.