Why Are Setting Reminders Crucial to Your Success

setting reminders sticky notes

Our brain can’t remember everything. I doubt there is a living person on earth who remembers things by just relying on his or her memory. Forgetting is normal, don’t beat yourself when you do. According to Blake Richards, assistant professor in the Department of Biological Sciences and Fellow at the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research, it is a natural and normal process and not a failure of our memory.

The brain needs to unload to make room for new information. The problem is, sometimes it gets rid of important stuff, too. That is because the brain “misidentify facts we actually want to remember as information that is no longer of use to us.” Hence, the reason why we occasionally forget an appointment or errand.

How To Avoid Forgetting Important Matters

There are so many things going on in your life it is typical to overlook things. However, not because it’s normal you just let things the way it is and not do something about it. There is a way to resolve the problem of forgetting. Instead of bombarding your brain with so many things to remember, why not free some space by setting a reminder?

Setting a reminder will help you be on track with your most important priorities. Have you ever experienced racking your brain trying to remember something and, in the end, you just couldn’t figure out what it is? It is stressful, and worse, often leads to headaches.

Having a reminder will spare you from that predicament.

And it is very convenient to make one.

For convenience, you can set a reminder on your phone whenever, wherever.

But, there’s a catch. There’s a downside when you rely on your phone or other devices to let you remember stuff. And that has something to do with your focus.

Admit it or not, hearing a notification sound off from your phone can distract you and break you out of your focus. Your attention will somehow drift to the next task you need to do.

So how do you avoid it?

Setting Reminders on a Magnetic Calendar

There is another tool you can use in setting a reminder. Let’s go back to the old-school way and use a paper calendar. Not an ordinary paper calendar, but a magnetic paper calendar. This you can put on your fridge, out in the open where you can see how your day or month goes, at a glance.

The best way to do it is by using the StriveZen Minimalist Magnetic Calendar.

strivezen minimalist magnetic calendar

The StriveZen minimalist magnetic calendar is a medium size paper calendar that fits well on your refrigerator. If you are someone who does not like clutter, time for you to get this calendar. With its simple, clean design, you wouldn’t go wrong with it.

simple calendar

This medium size magnetic calendar has enough room to write your reminders on. Not just yours but the rest of the family can write on it too. It has large daily blocks that are lined so even your writings can be well-organized. And, you won’t need to get conscious of whether your ink bleeds through the other side. This minimalist magnetic calendar comes with a bleed-resistant, thick paper.

magnetic calendar space to write

Jotting down your daily and monthly reminders is crucial if you want to be productive. Choosing a magnetic calendar that has a robust binding is as important. The pages need to stay intact for you to write on them properly. This minimalist calendar makes sure that it won’t fall apart on you. It is made of a heavy book-style paper binding that even with the constant flipping of pages, will hold up until the last page.

quality magnetic calendar

Magnetic calendars are probably the most battered calendar there is. It needs to stay put despite the constant opening and closing of the fridge door. This is where most magnetic calendar fails. This minimalist magnetic calendar from StriveZen excels among others. The magnets used are strong that you don’t need to worry if it’s still stuck on your fridge the next day. The magnets are strong enough that they won’t move around regardless of the environment.

magnetic calendar strong magnets
magnetic calendar strong magnets

Choosing the right tool to set your reminders on is as important as setting a reminder itself. Both phones or any other devices and paper calendars are good. At the end of the day, it all boils down to where you are more comfortable using and what tool works for you best.