How do Moms Keep Their Families Organised

Every family has someone who seems to have the role of making sure everyone stays connected despite their busy schedules. And, if we say someone, it’s almost always the mom.

mom and dad and their children

Moms are probably one of the busiest human being alive. They take care of their husbands, make sure the kids have everything they need, have to keep their homes clean and organized, and for working moms, have to maintain their performances at work. How can a person handle all of that every single day, only mom knows.

Wonder woman is nothing compared to moms. She may not have a superpower, but she can make everything possible for the family.

Who in the world can help make everyone in the household organize their lives when in the first place, she even has more on her plate?

Moms made it happen. Despite everyone’s busy schedule, somehow, the family managed to stay connected. Of course, she could not do it alone. With the help of the right tool, and when I say tool, I mean a family calendar, it makes things possible.

Why have a Family calendar

Though you are part of the same household, each of you has a different schedule. So different that even eating meals together is sometimes a problem. It might not stir a problem at first, but if it continues, might be a cause of something bigger.

It is easy to get lose track of time. And if everyone in the household doesn’t take time to know what the others are doing; it will lead to nothing but chaos. That can be thwarted with the help of a family calendar.

2-month wall calendar

Choosing what family calendar to use can be a dilemma. Now that digital calendars are rampant, it might be convenient to use one for the family. However, I don’t think all kids in the family have access to smartphones. Even when they do, planning digitally might be a hassle for adults especially if they are not tech-savvy.

That makes a paper calendar a better option for a family calendar, a wall calendar to be specific.

2 month wall calendar

A family calendar should be big enough for the whole household to jot down their schedules. A perfect example is the StriveZen 2-month wall calendar. It is big enough that all family members can write on it. There are five rows in every daily block which makes it easier for everyone to write properly. You can even add stickers to it. It is especially helpful if you have young kids in the family. Planning with stickers can be fun for them and won’t give them the impression that it is boring.

I love this calendar! With two busy teenagers it helps to be able to see two months at once so nothing sneaks up on you. The calendar pages are super easy to switch from bottom to top at the end of the first month with no need for tape or paper clips. The boxes are large enough to fit more than one appointment/event on any given day. 

review of the 2-month wall calendar big

Another thing that is commendable about this wall calendar is that you can see 2-months at a glance. This allows your family to plan in 2-months’ time. No need to flip the pages now and then. With this feature, you can see in full view each other’s goings-on, making it easy for you and your family to block a day or two for some family bonding activities. This, personally, is one of the reasons why every family needs to have their family calendar.

review of the 2 month wall calendar

The time you have now with your family is precious. Your kids will leave you someday and make a life of their own, give them sweet memories to remember.

Quality calendar

Everyone in the household is expected to use the family wall calendar. It is likely to be overused. Choosing a rugged, simple, high-quality wall calendar is non-negotiable. This 2-month wall calendar does not just offer convenience, it is also durable. The papers used are thick and won’t bleed through. The wire bindings used are strong enough to hold the calendar as it hangs on the wall.

no bleed through paper review

Having a family wall calendar is the answer to help your busy family organise their schedules. Besides, it is a way of strengthening your bond as a family and making sure you stay connected despite attending different activities. If you have decided to get one for you and the fam, choose a calendar that is convenient to use. A calendar that allows you to see what you need at a glance. The StriveZen 2-month wall calendar offers more than that. It also enables you to plan 2-months at a time without the constant flipping of pages.