The Go-to Calendar for Busy People

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For busy people who can barely stay on track with their schedules, keeping a calendar is a key to being on top of everything. Granted, you are probably doing it now hoping you’ll be in control of things again. However, it doesn’t work like a magic and makes things easy for you right away.

Keeping a calendar is also a matter of choosing what perfectly fits your lifestyle. It’s not because you like the style or design of a specific calendar, or ‘coz that’s what your friend uses it will work for you too.

Calendars are not just for decoration. It is something that guides you on how your day, week, and month go. It is a tool to keep you reminded of what you need to do to be productive. That is why it is necessary to choose one that works for your needs.

For people who have a lot of things on their plate, the 3-month view wall calendar from StriveZen has been their go-to calendar.

3-Month Wall View Wall Calendar

3-month view
3 month wall calendar 2023 to 2024
StriveZen’s 3-month view wall calendar

Why makes the 3-month view wall calendar special that it has been the go-to calendar for busy people? There are various reasons why which will be discussed further in this article. But, going back to the first reason why is it’s because of its 3-month view feature.

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Who doesn’t like seeing 3 months of your schedule at-a-glance? Every minute of your time counts especially if you’re dealing with a lot of stuff. So, you look for convenience. Calendars, any type of it may it be paper or digital, offers different levels of convenience. The advantage of the StriveZen 3-month wall calendar is the fact that you can see everything you plan in 3 months which makes this the perfect calendar for advance planning.

“I have found this a very useful calendar. Even tho our company uses google calendar so we can share it with our 9 employees, here I can look from my computer, see where I am expected to be and easily see 3-months at a glance without clicking around. I REALLY find it handy to create a schedule and to leave important contact info for my house and pet sitter when I am away. There is plenty of space to write when the recycling needs to go out, to water plants, give pet meds, etc. The numbers are large and clear, too, so I can see it from across the room! I love technology but sometimes you just need paper!

Great for House/Pet Sitter…..sometimes only paper will do! -Terri
Move-a-page feature
move a page review from a customer

Some people may have not heard of this feature, but this one’s advantageous especially if you’re busy. The move-a-page feature allows you to reposition one calendar month page from one panel to another. That way you can switch your 3-month view to the next month easily.

“easy to show 3 months
current plus 2 future
past. current. future

simply move a month to where you want it but you should take care in removing a month to avoid tearing so you can reattach

-John Engstrom
Enough space to write

Having the StriveZen 3-month calendar is like having 3 wall calendars at the same time. You don’t need to worry whether you still have enough space to write all your schedules. This wall calendar is designed to make advance planning easy and convenient. Thus, each daily block is designed to have about 2″ wide and 1.5″ in height. Moreover, the blocks are lined which makes it even easier for you to write. ‘Coz admit it or not, not everyone has been gifted with beautiful handwriting.

space to write review from customer
space to write review from customer

This calendar has all the needed features especially if you are a person who loves to hustle. But then, you might be thinking that you can’t use this calendar whenever you go somewhere. Well good news, you can. This 3-month wall calendar is foldable. You can easily fold the three panels nicely into an A4 size notebook and carry it to meetings or wherever.

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