Make Planning Simple and Easy

Old school or not, a wall calendar is still one of the best organizing tools you can use when it comes to planning. There is no hiding the fact of how easy and simple it is to plan and track your schedules when using a wall calendar, you can do it even at-a-glance.

I know some people who opted not to have one because, according to them, it can ruin the aesthetic of their homes. It might if you don’t choose right. There are wall calendars in the market that are not quite pleasing to the eyes. That is why some people have this notion that you can’t have both functionality and aesthetics in one.

Minimalist Wall Calendar

Going minimalist is a trend these days. No one wants to live in a cluttered environment, right?. Thus, if you want to go minimalist, having this minimalist wall calendar is a perfect fit for your home.

3 month wall calendar

This wall calendar from StriveZen is as minimalist as it can be. It is a simple calendar, with no extra distracting designs. The good thing about this calendar being simple is you can place this calendar in any part of your house without ruining your decor.

3-month view

This minimalist wall calendar might be simple, but it is packed with planning and organization features that will make your life easier. One of the features you might like about this calendar is seeing 3-months in one frame. This is especially helpful if you are a busy person, someone who loves to plan, or if you are looking for a calendar to plan along with your family. Seeing the things you need to do, the events you need to attend, the goals you want to achieve, and the activities you have set for the next 3-months are enough to keep you moving every day.

3 month view calendar review

Move-a-page calendar

Some people haven’t heard of this feature and get confused about how it works. The move-a-page feature allows you to reposition one calendar month page from one panel to another. This calendar is flexible enough to let you choose the order of the month you prefer.

move a page calendar review

Enough space

The reason why people use calendars is for them to write important things they need to attend to. That shouldn’t be compromised, no matter how complicated or simple the layout or the design is. Though this calendar has 3-pages in one frame, the daily blocks are big enough to write your day’s activity. Also, there is space for notes and to-dos on every page where you can jot down important matters that need to be remembered.

enough space review 3 month calendar

Family Calendar

Having a wall calendar that is visible to everyone is also necessary for a busy family. One needs to be updated with what others are up to. It also helps in scheduling a family trip or family activities. Because this calendar allows you to show 3-months at a time, you can plan and make sure to block the dates ahead and spend time together as a family.

3 month view family calendar

Back pocket

Always forgetting about where you keep those quickly needed documents like receipts, tickets, invitations, bills, etc? This simple and easy-to-use wall calendar provides a transparent 4-inch-deep pocket at the back where you can store important stuff. The pocket is made transparent, making it easier for you to find the things you store inside.

3 month view calendar back pocket review

If you are a busy person and love to plan this one is for you. Seeing all 3 months at-a-glance is essential to make sure you won’t have overlapping schedules. And, if you and your family struggle in organizing and keeping updated with each other’s schedules, try to use this wall calendar. This will make a perfect family calendar as it has enough space for everyone. When everyone gets into it, planning with the family will be one of your bonding moments. This 3-month wall calendar may look ordinary, but the benefits you’ll reap from it are “life-changing.”