How To Make Planning More Convenient

Planning is supposed to make your life easier. It should be convenient in a way that you should know exactly the events of your day at a glance. It needs to be accessible and easy to use. Which paper calendar offers.

Digital calendars are convenient as well. However, not everyone is adept with the ins and outs of digital planning. It is not just for them, in short. But, some people use both. Despite having their schedules recorded on their phones, they still want to see things in the bigger picture.

Magnetic Calendar for convenient planning

You can do paper planning in different ways. You can use a notebook planner, a desk calendar, a wall calendar, and of course, a magnetic calendar.

magnetic fridge calendar for convenient planning

The kitchen is probably one of the areas of your home you visit frequently. That makes it a perfect place for planning. Good food and a full stomach are important for you to organize your day properly. And what better way to do that than to use a magnetic calendar?

Imagine you are checking out your fridge and see if you still have enough food for yourself and the family. Instead of making a mental note of what is lacking, you can easily write it on your magnetic calendar which is attached to your fridge. The StriveZen Magnetic Fridge Calendar has a space for notes and a to-do list which makes it very convenient for you to jot down what you need to buy in the grocery.

review on magnetic calendar for convenient planning

Nonetheless, having something attached to your fridge can sometimes get messy. It’s a big no for OC people who like everything in order. And like what they said, too much of everything is bad. This magnetic calendar may have the perfect size for your fridge. It is not too big, and not too small. It is just the right size, enough that you can see your schedule at a glance.

perfect size magnetic calendar review

To make planning convenient, your calendar should be of high quality first. StriveZen calendars are known for that. The quality of their magnetic calendars is top-notch. High-quality binding and strong magnets are the things that people should look at first when buying a magnetic calendar. There are instances when customers buy it from other brands which unfortunately didn’t hold out well. If it won’t slip, the pages will fall apart or vice versa.

strong magnets review on magnetic calendar

That is such a big deal for people who loves using magnetic calendars for planning. The main reason why they buy one is to make their lives easier and more organized. If a disaster like that happens, it will just add up to their stress. That is why StriveZen made sure that those problems won’t happen to their fridge calendars.

The StriveZen Magnetic fridge calendar can also be used by the whole family. By seeing each schedule at-a-glance, you can easily keep track of each other’s activities. Doing so makes it more convenient to plan a trip or activities with the whole family.

perfect magnetic calendar for convenient planning