Types of Planner: What Planner Suits Your Lifestyle?

woman writing her goals on a planner

When buying a planner, one thing you should consider first is your lifestyle. Do you meet clients every day? Do you sell services to people? Or is your typical day spent in your office dealing with paper works and reports?

There are three most common types of planner you can find in the market these days; the weekly and monthly planner, monthly planner, and daily planner.

Daily Planner

If you are a student, having a daily planner is a big help for you in scheduling and managing your time. Pretty sure once in your student life you have forgotten homework or a test. It happened to me quite of times before and it doesn’t feel great at all. The good thing is, you can avoid that. Make use of your daily planner and write everything school-related, projects, tests, homework, activities, etc. Your student life is made easier once you do.

Weekly and Monthly Planner

The weekly and monthly planner allows you to start with the monthly big picture goals and plans then breaking them down into weekly and daily tasks to achieve those goals. Entrepreneurs, professionals, moms, and even students love using this type of planner as it has more space in writing their schedules.

As most of us are dealing with multiple activities, errands, and appointments in a day/week, it would be easier to incorporate appointment scheduling in one planner. The weekly and monthly planner and appointment book by StriveZen have a 15-minute time slot for your appointments, hourly bookings and weekly planning. The more detailed it is, the more likely you can have a productive day.

weekly and monthly planner with a pen where you can write your goals
Weekly And Monthly Planner Appointment Book 2021

Monthly Planner

The monthly planner is typically used by people who plan for their long term goals. Seeing your plans all laid out for the month makes you more motivated to complete it.

monthly planner where you can write your goals
2021- 2022 Monthly Planner By StriveZen

There is no right or wrong in using a planner. As long as it can make your life easier and more organized, it doesn’t matter what type of planner you choose.

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