How To Manage Your Schedule On A Paper

Girl Writing using a paper calendar

Have you ever experienced feeling overwhelmed with all that is happening in your life? Things just continue piling up; work, family, social life. It seems impossible to balance everything out, and you just keep forgetting appointments, deadlines, family events, and social gatherings.

Do not feel bad if you do.

Organizing your life and planning your schedules effectively doesn’t happen overnight. You have to do a trial and error method to determine whether that system fits your lifestyle or not. You can always get tips from other people, but do remember, what works for them might not work for you.

Why can’t you handle your schedule?

Before fixing the problem, you have to acknowledge and accept the causes of your mess up schedule first. Does it have something to do with your scheduling system? the way you plan? Or does it have something to do with you and how easily you get distracted?

Changing your scheduling system or the way you plan is easy. However, teaching yourself not to be out of focus easily is a tough job. There are just too many distractions around us. If you let yourself get swayed every time, you will always end up stressed out and in a mess with your schedules.

Make it a habit to not look at your phone every time it rings. Or better, send it into work or silent mode so you can put all your focus on the task at hand.

Go back to the basics

If in case it still does not work despite paying a premium for a scheduling app, no matter how sophisticated your phone is, and how cute the digital calendar/planner you bought, maybe it is time for you to go back to the basics. We tend to enjoy technology so much we forgot that sometimes it isn’t always the answer to our needs.

Get your pen and your paper calendar and start plotting your schedule.

Going back to the paper calendar has its advantages.

Writing down your appointments and tasks on StriveZen’s 3-month wall calendar is no fuss. Its big daily blocks have thin lines so you don’t have to worry about your penmanship. Aside from your schedules, you can also write down your to-do lists and reminders as it has an intended space for them.

3 month wall calendar hanging on a wall

The thing that I love most about the paper calendar is you can see everything at-a-glance. No need to click here and there to know what will happen during the day. StriveZen’s 3-month wall calendar offers more than that, though. Instead of just one month, you can see three months all at once.

“I have found this a very useful calendar. Even tho our company uses google calendar so we can share with our 9 employees, here I can look from my computer, see where I am expected to be and easily see 3-months at a glance without clicking around. I find it handy to create a schedule and to leave important contact info for my house and pet sitter when I am away. There is plenty of space to write when the recycling needs to go out, to water plants, give pet meds, etc. The numbers are large and clear, too, so I can see it from across the room! I love technology but sometimes you just need paper!”

This calendar works like a charm for people in different professions, industries, business owners, and even students who have full schedules. Not only that, it can be a great household command centre.

Every three panels of the 3-month calendar have their own independent set. For family’s who are struggling to keep track of each other’s activities, this could be the answer. You can divide each panel for mom, dad, and kids. It is very convenient, at the same time, it keeps everything neat and everyone in the household organized.

Moveable pages

Flipping pages just to see the previous or the future month is quite annoying. Good thing it’s not needed when using StriveZen’s 3-month wall calendar as it has the move-a-page feature.

I love this calendar! I can see 3 months at a time, and I can easily remove and relocate each month after use, or show a clean month instead. For instance, now I have Jan in the middle, Dec at the top, and Feb at the bottom. Once Jan is done I peel it off, exposing a Feb behind it. I peel off Dec at the top and can either move the “marked up” Jan to the top if I want to show the history or just show the fresh Jan that is under the Dec. The bottom (future) month at the bottom gets peeled off and under it is, in this case, March. It is very flexible this way and it’s ingenious for what I need.

The Bottomline

Many people have turned their backs from using paper calendars coz they are old school. But, old school can be cool as well. No need to stick to the boring, plain calendars. Get yourself a paper calendar like StriveZen’s 3-month wall calendar. It is convenient to use, flexible, moveable, and never boring.