Why is a Paper Calendar Still an Effective Tool for scheduling?

paper wall calendar. with three month view

While there are so many digital apps and calendars to choose from in the market these days, the paper calendar still hasn’t lost its charm and continues to thrive despite the competition.

Scientifically speaking, the paper calendar has more advantages compared to its digital counterpart. For one, writing things down stimulates our brain, making us more focused and helping us remember things easily. It is a more personal approach to planning as you physically form and connects the letters. Not like when you are typing things down. Just one notification and you’ll get distracted by it, for sure.

There was a survey conducted by Microsoft to its employees regarding the way they manage their personal and household scheduling. Out of all the employees, it was found that 38% of them still uses paper calendars. 51% uses digital calendars as expected since most of them are using Microsoft outlook calendar provided at work.

Both groups cited convenience and accessibility as the reason why they choose that particular scheduling system. As for the challenges, both cited having trouble keeping track of other members of their household. Others also express concern for their privacy (for digital calendar users) and difficulty of moving or changing events (for paper calendar users).

The good thing about it is there is a calendar that addresses these challenges.

Let’s take a look at the 3-month wall calendar.

We got used to seeing a paper calendar that only shows a month per page. You have to flip the pages over to see what you’ve been up to the past month or what you will do in the succeeding months. The same thing with the digital calendar, you have to click and tap before getting a look at your schedules.

But it isn’t a problem with this calendar.

You can see 3-months at-a-glance, depending on what month you chose to put in the panel. Yes, that’s right, you have the freedom to put what month you want to see as the pages are moveable, detachable, and re-attachable.

You also don’t have to worry about not keeping track of other members of the household. All three panels or section of the 3-month calendar has all 12 months on it. You can divide each panel among the members of the household. In that way, you are updated with each other’s life, activities and appointments.

Seeing three months at the same time, being able to move the month to your liking, and seeing everything at-a-glance makes this paper calendar a very effective tool for scheduling.

The Bottomline

The influx of digital calendars and apps didn’t diminish the benefit of using a paper calendar. Both have their own pros and cons. But if you want convenience, accessibility, and at the same time having the ability to track you and your family’s schedule, the 3-month wall calendar is a perfect fit for you. You might think the paper calendar is old school, but don’t forget, old school is also cool.