What is the Role of Dreaming in Planning?

What is the proper role of dreaming and imagination in the planning process? Should you keep your dreams and imagination to the side and only engage the logic and reasoning in the planning? Can there be too much imagination and dreaming?

role of dreaming in planning

Dreaming and imagination is discontinuous thinking. This helps with our lateral thinking abilities. A healthy amount of dreaming is highly desirable for exploring the possibilities and potential of an idea. Brainstorming sessions thrive on this type of blue sky thinking without any constraints imposed upon the mind.

The other type of thinking is typical left-brain thinking with logic and reasoning. That helps you go from point A to point B when both are known.

A combination of both the right brain imagination and the left brain logical reasoning will provide a perfect vehicle to set your goals and then move towards them.

However, too much dreaming without appropriate reasoning alongside will lead to a situation where ideas are not rooted in firm reality. A balance between the appropriate amount of the left brain and the right brain thinking is highly desirable.