Innovate Out of Your Problem!

Are you struggling with a problem that doesn’t seem to go away? It seems to keep coming back in a slightly different form. The problem could be in the business, career, relationship, or financial area. The symptoms are the same and the solution is going to be the same. You have to innovate your way out of the problem.

It is not a problem that can be solved at the level of the problem. You have to step above the problem and bring in another dimension to effectively have a handle on the issue.

solving problems

1- Move beyond the level of the problem

What does it mean to solve a problem from a different level? It means that first of all you have to realize that you have to stop trying the same thing over and over again and expect a different result. Once that is clearly established in your mind then you can start to bring in additional elements to the equation that provide you higher leverage.

Let’s take an example- Let’s say in your relationship you have been trying to get close to someone and they keep running away from you despite your best efforts to chase them. Once you have realized that your linear efforts are not paying any dividends then it might be time to evaluate the whole situation from another lense. You might consider taking a break from pursuing them and see if that provides the other person required space. Are you able to bring in another person to help you bring the two of you to the table? Are you able to provide something of value to them to be interested in your offer? Or you might consider how else you might be able to add the same value to your life without that specific person?

To innovate your way out of a problem you have to start looking at the problem with a different perspective than before. Unless you are confident that you have brought another different factor to the equation don’t keep trying to solve the problem in the same way.

2- Think laterally

Develop a habit of thinking laterally, which is to say in a non-linear manner. Linear thinking is a result of left-brain thinking. While the lateral thinking moves in jumps and it is a result of right-brain thinking.

You will not become a right-brain thinker overnight. You have to start now to develop your right side of the brain. The brain is a muscle and more you use it more it will grow. To develop your right brain you can start with many small things like- daydreaming, paying attention to the dreams in the night, being more spontaneous in making decisions, adding variety to your daily routine, meeting new people, trying to experience new things on a regular basis…

These exercises and mindset will open up your mind to new possibilities and potentials. You will also get new ideas easily as you intentionally try to be open to new ideas, people, and things in your life.

3- Start small in many different directions:

You might also try many different approaches all at the same time and see which one sticks. This is also known as a fast fail approach. This enables you to try different ideas and quickly see how likely they are to develop into a solution, if at all.

You have to be prepared to fail many times and not be dejected to receive your final solution that works. Actually, we only need one thing to work for our problem to be resolved. That is why so many successful people fail countless times and still become successful as one success could negate all the unsuccessful attempts prior to that.

4- Innovation doesn’t have to be radical:

Your innovation doesn’t have to be Nobel prize-worthy. Life consists of many small innovations and a few big ones. Don’t become obsessed with big ideas, they will come. In the meantime, take your singles and doubles. If you are able to do continuous improvement on a daily basis then it will accumulate and lead to big things in the future.

We have to remember that it is about solving our next problem on our path to success. Whatever idea gets us closer to solving our next problem is a worthy idea. However small it might appear to be.

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