The Art of Worrying

“WORRYING is using your imagination to create something you don’t want” ~Abraham Hicks


We create our reality using our imaginations. Our repeated thoughts become our beliefs and every new belief helps us see reality in a different way. In fact, every new thought has an impact on the way we understand and interpret our reality.

When we worry we are using our thoughts to go over and over a scenario that we are fearful of. That actually has a totally opposite effect on what we would like to have happened. As the thoughts revolve around the undesirable scenario and start to build potentiality.

Then What Are You Supposed To Do When There Is A Potentially Negative Outcome Lurking In The Future?

There is a slight difference between a worry and a concern. When you are concerned, you are taking action and making plans to handle the potential outcome. But you are not becoming an emotional wreck over the potentiality that has not yet happened. In fact, people are more fearful of the unknown, and when the reality strikes they don’t even have time to worry about it.

Next time when you are faced with a potentially negative outcome in the future then make your plans to address the situation. However, don’t keep worrying about it over and over again.

Have faith in your plans and your planning that you will be able to handle the situation no matter what. You have already done your best to address the potential outcome.

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