To Sweat The Small Stuff?

Should you worry about every small little insignificant detail in your life? or should you ignore the small little details? And how to know the difference?

to sweat the small stuff

It is not helpful to stress out over minor insignificant details in your life.

That mindset is highly unproductive and damaging to relationships. By focussing on the most important things in life you are more likely to succeed as you are not distracted by the small things that are consequential in the big scheme of things.

There is also value in understanding the importance of many seemingly small things that are significantly consequential in our lives. Don’t be late for an interview, paying attention to the details of your work. As it is critical in many jobs to pay attention to the details.

You wouldn’t want your bank to keep your account at approximately $1250 instead of having an exact number of $1223.47.

The key is to know the difference between knowing what small details are consequential and what details are not consequential to your bigger goals. That goes back to then knowing what do you really want in life? What are your goals in the life?

Once you have a clear understanding of your goals and direction in your life, it will be easy for you to know what details are consequential and what details are not to worry about.

For example, if you are a banker and your goal is to keep perfect records then you have to focus on small details regarding the account balances and transactions. However, if you are going on a vacation then it is not important to know every last expense detail in advance. It is OK to have a rough idea regarding the approximate costs in that situation.

Essentially you don’t sweat the small stuff when they don’t matter and do sweat the small stuff when they do matter. Also, figure out the context of these details. It is easier to figure out the context of a small detail if you know your goals and your plan. In that case, you would be able to easily assess if this detail matters or not.