Sometimes All You Need is A Paper Calendar

Writing on a paper

Between writing on paper versus typing on your laptop or iPad, what would you prefer? I bet the majority will choose the latter. Living in this modernized world where technology keeps on getting better and better, we have become dependent on it. It is not a problem at all.
It is there, it is available, and it makes everything accessible and our lives easier.

So, are paper and pen a thing of the past?

Certainly not, according to psychologists and neuroscientists. Despite the convenience it gives, typing on a laptop or tablet doesn’t give the same benefit as handwriting, no matter how old school people think it is.

Using a paper calendar in this modern era

Like how we shift everything digital, people are also turning their backs on a paper calendar. Instead of writing down their plan, most people are now typing it on their phones. But as convenient as it is, some people gradually realize that the old way is more effective.


The calendar is where we write our plans, tasks, and schedules. It is meant to remind us of the things we need and ought to do. Handwriting makes it easier for us to remember all of it. Research has found that writing creates unique pathways in the brain that makes It easier to remember things over typing them.

Back when I was still a student, taking notes using a laptop or iPad wasn’t a thing yet. I always have a pen and a notebook ready in my bag. Writing down notes is what I always do. And it does make me remember things better. During exams, whenever I forget answers, I always close my eyes and try to picture out where did I write certain information and what was the note before and after it. It works, every time.

Develop critical thinking

Handwriting uses critical thinking more than typing. Since you are physically connected to the letters you are writing, your brain is working alongside your hand.

When you write a schedule or a goal on a paper calendar, your brain is also working, creating a list of the things that you need to do to achieve it.

Enhances you focus

One of the disadvantages of planning digitally is that it can be a cause of distraction as well. Once you let yourself tap on that notification, answer a call or message and open that email, you will be out of the zone anymore.

Writing on paper, on the other hand, helps you enhance your focus. It is said that when you are writing, a particular area of your brain is active that blocks irrelevant information. Thus, allowing you to concentrate on what you are writing about.

Planning on a Paper calendar

Reaping all the benefits of handwriting, plus getting a paper calendar with features that will surely address your planning needs, will make your life more organized.

3 month calendar hanging on the wall from a customer

This calendar is KEY for birth work. At a glance, I can tell when I have clients and when I’m on call. I love being able to see months ahead. There are many more months than needed, because I just move my month up and discard the old one.


The 3-month wall calendar from StriveZen has big daily blocks with thin lines so your handwriting looks neat and pleasing to the eyes. This calendar has three panels with a complete set of calendars each. You can conveniently see your plans and schedules for the next three months at-a-glance.

The bottom line

Handwriting provides benefits that you can’t have when you are typing or using any digital device. Thus, in planning your schedule, doing it on paper is not just easy and cheap, it is also effective.