How to Create a Social Media Content Calendar

Before, we have only been using our phones to connect to our loved ones by calling or texting. Now, you can almost do anything with it, from reading news, watching movies, and connecting to people all over the world. All thanks to social media.

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram became so popular that almost everyone is using it. It became so powerful that one post can somehow build your life up or tear it apart, literally and figuratively. People have been using it to trash talk others, it has become a place where bullies love to hide and have become the favorite place of perverts and sexual predators. That is if social media platforms are used negatively.

But even if dangers are lurking around in any social media platform, the pros still weighs more than the cons. Over 3.8 billion people worldwide still preferred to use it. That is equivalent to 45% of the total population. Thus, making social media platforms, not just a means of communication and a major source of information, but also a great place for business.

These days, almost all businesses, from small to big companies, are utilizing different social media platforms. It offers endless possibilities to business owners, allowing them to reach out to their customers and to gain the attention of more potential customers. 

People have been spending more time on the internet than reading newspapers or watching the news on tv. Thus, a shift from traditional advertising i.e., print and tv ads, occurred. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a small business or an established one, you can easily search Facebook and see what that business has to offer. That is why business owners start to do marketing on social media and take posting content seriously.

*To help you on what strategy to use in doing social media marketing, check out the article from ExpressText titled Social Media Marketing Ideas.

How contents affect business

One of the most valuable things to consider when using any social media platforms to promote business is your content. The things you post on Facebook or Instagram can either build trust between you and the consumer. It’s not just a way to grow your business, though. Your content will also show how much you understand the needs of your targets. In a platform like Facebook, posting content regularly can help boost the number of people your content can reach, which means more engagement.

If you are wondering what content you will be making, Mobile monkey provided tips on what to post on your social media platform:

  • Think of the interests of your audience
  • Research the best content to post
  • Perform an audit of your existing content
  • Make an overview of the major events that garner the interest of your audience
  • Plan and schedule ahead

Social media calendar

Consistency in posting and relevance is the key to success in growing your business through social media. However, due to busy schedules and unforeseen circumstances, posting content on social media sites can be easily overlooked. Thus, if you are a business owner or a social media manager, having your own social media content calendar is a must.

We use calendars to help us organized our schedules. The same thing goes with the social media content calendar. It helps you organized the contents you are going to post. You can plan, batch your work, avoid multitasking, and allows you to write down all the creative ideas you can think of for the future. By planning, it will give you enough time to draft down a post or edit pictures and videos without compromising its quality.

Types of Calendars

There are many digital calendar apps where you can manage your content and schedule. Those apps are highly valuable especially if you are part of a remote team managing different social media sites. However, you can also create your content calendar for your use. And, though digital calendars are the hype these days, it is easier to check your posting schedule using a paper calendar.

Monthly view

If you are a business owner who is just starting a business or a freelancer managing social media site, you can use our monthly view calendar. You can see all the schedules and contents at a glance. There is plenty of space for the daily blocks so you don’t have to worry if you have enough space where you can write what topic or category you will post.

Just a tip, you can highlight what would be your important posts for the day by using different pen colors so it would stand out. 

woman writing on a wall calendar about her social media content
StriveZen’s Monthly Wall Calendar

Two-month view/ Three-month View

If you are managing two or more social media sites and are tired of getting your posts mixed up, here is the answer for you. You can use our two-month view calendar (managing two sites) or three-month view calendar (managing three or more sites).

Both the two-month and three-month view calendars have large daily blocks where you can write what type of content you will post. It also has space for to-do notes wherein you can write all the ideas that will suddenly pop-up in your mind. But what made these calendars perfect for you is its move-a-page feature. Essentially, you have three full calendars on three panels. No need to worry about mixing-up posts; use each panel to each client you are working with.

calendar use for scheduling social media contents
2-Month View Wall Calendar