5 Ways to Stimulate Personal Growth

ways to stimulate personal growth

Since it’s the quarantine period, I had the time binge-watching movies and drama series. There was a scene in a certain drama I’ve watched where one of the main leads quoted a line from a book that says, “Was that life? Well then, once more!” That got me thinking about whether I live my life the best way I can in the past years, is it something worth remembering? And, if I look back, would I be proud, happy, and satisfied with the way I live my life?

We all have that moment when we question our existence. It is one of the pivotal moments in our lives where we decide what path to take. Will you choose to make a difference and find your purpose of living, or will you fall into a depressive state thinking that you have no reason for living?

What is Personal Growth?

The journey of exploring who you are is what we call personal growth. It is an ongoing process of understanding and developing oneself to achieve one’s fullest potential.  Every day is a chance for us to get better. Of course, we are not aiming for perfection, because aside from the fact that it doesn’t exist, perfection is boring.

We are all flawed, but personal growth and development will help us be the better version of ourselves. Remez Sasson of Success Consciousness gave examples to clarify what personal growth is: 

  • Learning to control anger
  • Learning to overcome procrastination
  • Learning to overcome laziness
  • Learning to be more polite and considerate
  • Becoming a more responsible person
  • Learning new things and developing new skills
  • Changing your mindset and becoming more positive

We all know changing from one behavior to another isn’t easy. It requires motivation, the desire to improve, the willingness to strive to make changes, commitment, and discipline.

Sometimes, we don’t grow just because we want to, we grow because circumstances made us so. Take for example what’s happening nowadays, the covid19 and other natural disasters. Because of the pandemic, which is a threat to humanity, and the community quarantine taking place, it got us into thinking about what we were doing with our lives before it happened. It serves as a trigger that awakened our desire to grow, to make a change, and be a blessing to someone else’s life.

How to Stimulate Personal Growth

You don’t need to wait for problems to trigger your desire of wanting to grow. Other things can also help you in stimulating the need to explore and develop the person that you truly are.

1. Know Yourself

This might sound bizarre, and I guess everyone will argue that they already know themselves well. However, it isn’t always true. With how judgmental our society today, we sometimes change ourselves just to suit its standard. Never mind your point of view, if you like something or not, if it’s not accepted by the majority, you will be considered as an outcast. That is why some people are forced to put on a mask, and in the process forget who they truly are. 

Go on a trip alone, meditate, and reflect. In that way, your only focus is yourself, and only your emotions will matter. 

2. Choose your circle

Toxic people are everywhere- from your family, friends, colleagues, and even your partner. That is why it is important to choose your circle carefully (except for family, though you can choose not to let them get on your nerve). Be with people who can make you see the world in a new way. Someone whom you can be your true self, with no pretensions and lies. Someone willing to listen to your story, who won’t judge you, but is not afraid to correct you when you’re in the wrong.

3. Stop comparing yourself to anyone

Striving hard just to be better than someone else is not a sign of growth, it’s a sign of immaturity. Do not compare yourself to anyone, not even to your friends. These days, people love to post on social media all the good things that are happening in their lives, from material things to personal milestones. Sometimes, we couldn’t help but feel a pang of jealousy of how that person is living the better life. But, what you see is just a façade of that person’s life. You do not see the problems he/she has to face, the heartaches, and failures he/she endures.

So next time you so see someone posting something great about their life, avoid comparing yourself from them. It’s unhealthy and unnecessary.

4. Read

One of the things that can help us get a wider perspective of the world and life itself is by reading. It doesn’t matter if it is a novel, biography, or even self-help books, it still has the power to connect us with another person’s thoughts. By reading books, you’ll get to experience emotions you haven’t felt, get to know people you will never meet but somehow inspire you to be better, and face situations you probably won’t ever encounter but already made an impact with the way you live That’s how powerful books are.

5. Be a blessing to someone

Every day, set yourself to do something that can brighten up someone’s day. Give compliments, offer help or food, or greet a stranger and talk to them. Those may be nothing to you, but for some, it can be their everything.