6 Essentials for a Simple Home Office Setup

Working from home is not a new concept to people who are already doing remote jobs. A 2018 telecommuting statistics revealed that there are 4.3 million remote workers in the USA alone. That statistic made up 3.2% of the country’s workforce. But, with the outbreak of coronavirus, more people are advised to work from home. As a matter of fact, it has become the new normal now.

The concept of working from home sounds great and easy, however, it’s not as simple as we think. We may think we will be able to focus more and get rid of distractions but, the truth is, no. You will probably have to face more distractions at home than in the office. Aside from that, there are essential things needed for you to be able to start working from home. We will provide you with a checklist of the things you need for a simple home office setup

Designated Space

Before we go to the list of things needed to start working remotely, first we need to find a space where you can put your home office setup. You don’t need to empty a room and turn it into your working hub. All you need is a corner (one that is safe from distractions) where you can station your desk and chair. You don’t need to buy new furniture for this. Just be resourceful, maybe you have a table you can use for a desk (just install compartments to keep your files organized). And for your chair, it must be a comfortable one. You’ll be sitting in it for quite a long time, choose one that won’t give you backaches.

Computer/ Laptop

computer and laptop for a simple home office set up

You can never start doing remote work without a computer or laptop (though, I guess all household right now own one or both of it already). What you need to consider are the tasks you are going to do. Basic encoding, data entry, and such don’t need a high-end computer. But if you need to do graphic designing or video editing, you’ll need a computer with a high storage capacity.

Internet connection

internet cable for a simple home office essentials

Since you will no longer be working in the same office, what you need right now is constant communication with your boss and colleagues. Thus, an internet connection is important. Meetings, reports, emails, inquiries, and everything business-related will now be done online.


man using headset for a simple home office essentials

If you think you can escape from meetings as you work remotely, nope, definitely not. Virtual meetings are also a thing, with the help of whatever teleconferencing app your company uses. Thus, a quality headphone is what you need. You don’t want to repeatedly ask someone what he/she says just because of the poor quality of your headphones.

Office supply

notebook and sticky notes for a simple home office essentials

Pens, paper, notebook, sticky notes, etc., should be ready when working from home. Though you are working remotely and doing everything online, you still want to write down the keynotes in your meetings, and all sudden ideas that come up in your mind.

Planner/ Calendar

wall calendar for a simple home office essentials

The thing about working from home is it makes us feel comfortable, so comfortable we sometimes forget that we need to work. That’s why updating your calendar is still a must. You can keep a digital calendar, a planner, or a paper calendar. Write down all your to-do lists so you won’t have backlogs or any undone tasks.