3-Month Calendar- An Effective Tool For Planning And Organizing

Time management is life management.

Being an adult and living in this fast-paced world, it is challenging for most of us to juggle various responsibilities- from workplace demands, parenting, household responsibilities, errands, etc. It is so easy to get overwhelmed by all of those that will eventually lead us to stress.

And, too much stress can cause serious health problems.

Fortunately, planning and organizing your time between activities is something you can learn and master. With the right mindset and the right tool, you can free yourself from worries and stress. 

Best Planning and Organizing Tool

When we talk about a tool that can help us manage our time well, of course, a calendar is still on top of the list.

Living in the digital era gives us advantages. Things have been made easier and convenient for us. Thus exist various apps and technologies available for us to use, calendars included.

When you google calendar, the result will give you software or digital calendars you can download. You can maybe see a physical calendar on the latter page in Google. However, paper calendars are still very much alive, and it is still helping people organize their life.

When it comes to choosing between a digital calendar or a paper calendar, there would be no definite answer to that. It all depends on your needs, preference, and what works best for you. But, let’s talk about the paper calendar and how it will help us manage our time effectively.

Different Paper Calendar Designs

The physical calendar comes in different sizes, shapes, and designs.

desk calendar with cute stickers

If you want to keep a small calendar and bring it with you no matter where you go, you can use a pocket calendar. If you prefer to use it for your schedules and plan things for yourself, you can go for the desk calendar. If you want it to be your family’s command center, go for the magnetic calendar. And, if you want all that in the price of one, you can choose the 3-month wall calendar.

Planning, organizing, and writing down schedules in advance is made easier with the 3-month calendar. Flipping from one page to another can be a hassle if you like to check what you did in the past weeks or months. StriveZen’s 3-month calendar addresses these problems.

StrivZen’s 3-month calendar is designed for people who need to organize their days, weeks, and months in advance. You can see your schedules, appointments, deadlines, events, bills, and errands at a glance within a quarter. There won’t be missed appointments nor forgotten deadlines anymore. Instead, you’ll give yourself enough time to prepare for upcoming events and save enough money for due bills. 

One helpful feature of this wall calendar is it allows you to move each month/page and place it wherever you want on the three panels. You can reposition one calendar month or page from one panel to another so you can switch your 3-month’s view to the next month easily. Move-a-page functionality works like old Rolodex cards that could come in and out of their cardholder. We use this feature to allow calendar months to be moved around on the panel. It lets you keep the old scheduling notes without having to rewrite them.

infographic of the step by step process on how to use the move a page feature of the 3 month calendar

How to use a 3-month calendar for all of your planning needs?

Recent research found that less than 1 in 5 people (18%) have a proper time management system. Either they use a to-do list to manage their time and tasks, use their email inbox, or they just deal with whatever seems important at that time. You might find it comfortable at first, but, in the long run, you will get stressed out and lost in the various tasks you need to do.

Keeping a calendar will help you be on track with the things that are happening in your life. Besides, it will make you improve, if not solidify, your time management skills. It does not need to be the 3-month calendar; you can also use the regular calendar with the one-month view. However, it only provides limited scheduling abilities when you are in the last weeks of the current month.

Writing your plans and schedules in advance, seeing them at-a-glance regularly, is an advantage for you. It does not only help you in your appointments; it is also a great tracking tool for your business.

How the 3-month calendar helps Arpit with his business deliveries.

Now, Arpit can confidently track their business deliveries without missing anything.

review of the 3 month calendar

There is also a traditional 3-month calendar that shows you 3months in one frame, but you cannot alter the placement of each calendar or page. It can also help you plan and organize your schedule, but it is not as convenient to use.

review of the 3-month calendar

It requires you to copy your appointments from one sheet to another as they print all three months on a single sheet of paper. Traditional 3-month calendars are not planning and scheduling friendly as it does not provide enough space and flexibility.

infographic about the difference of the 3-month calendar versus other competitors

For these reasons, a 3-month view of your schedule with a move-a-page feature is a better way to plan and organize your life. Thus, we created the StriveZen Move-A-Page 3-month calendar. We intentionally designed it with planning and organizing features that allow you to write your appointments, events, and schedules in the large daily boxes provided with each date. We designed spaces to put your monthly and weekly notes and to-do items. We also incorporated the move-a-page functionality to easily retain the schedule marked for that month and then move it to a panel of your choice. 

We also added more than one single month. That allows you and other users to continue recording their upcoming events at a much later date like a wedding or a reunion. You can easily take them to your next year’s StriveZen calendar.

More so, StriveZen’s 3-month calendar is not just for your home or office. It is also mobile. You can fold the three panels into an A4 size notebook. You can carry it with you on meetings, business trips, school, or pretty much everywhere.

folded 3-month wall calendar use as planner to go infographic

Thus, this re-imagined 3-month calendar becomes a perfect scheduling and planning tool for your household, place of work, academic work, business-related matters, etc.