This appointment book is exactly what I was looking for. The format and layout is great for organizing daily appointments and keeping track of future events. There are contact pages in the front and extra notes pages in the back. I would highly recommend.


I’m a hairstylist & I absolutely LOVE this apt book!! I would highly recommend! I love the hardcover it holds up well. Also the columns for Apts & time slots, plenty of room to leave notes as well!

-Amazon Customer

This appointment book was what I was looking for. Something that had unlabeled dates and a single large page for writing. Each page has four columns with the times.
I was honestly expecting for this book to be bigger than the previous book we used. However this was not the case. In the end it’s a great book that suits the needs.

-Joseph Zheng

Excellent construction. durable easy to use

-Christine R Dorcheus

Great ! Exactly what I needed

-Patricia Lindsley