Wisdom is Organized Life

“Science is organized knowledge, Wisdom is organized life” -Immanuel Kant

wisdom is organized life

While life is mysterious and unpredictable, science is about being able to predict particular phenomena with precision. Science works on the outside and life flow from inside-out.

However, the science and the life both have some organizational principles that need to be uncovered and applied to be effective.

Science starts by documenting the observations and then understanding the cause and the effects of different forces that are applicable. Once these principles are discovered by science they can be applied by anybody and expect to achieve the same results. Life works the same way the only difference being that instead of observing an external reality, you are focussed on an internal reality- yourself.

You start observing your own self and see how you feel and react to certain things. You start to observe your strengths and weaknesses. You start to see what makes you tick. You become an expert on yourself. That is the doorway to understanding your true self. You start to realize the thoughts that are destructive and not serving you well. You start to realize your true self-thinking versus the thoughts picked up from the outside society. This obviously leads to weeding out the unnecessary and unwanted. You start to receive clarity as there are no more obstructive/destructive thoughts and your thought stream is full of clarity. Life starts to become more coherent as your actions and thoughts are consistent with each other. You will experience more joy as a result of that.

You may also call it an organized life. It is not really organized through some external force but an inherent beauty of a coherent self that is shining forth in all things. It is self-organizing as all actions and thoughts are consistent with your true self. This wisdom and beauty through self-organization is not really an end goal but really an evolving system. You keep becoming more and more intuned and self-organized as you become more self-aware.

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  1. definitely not external force is the life from the inside out?the need to uncover the organizational principles,to focus on internality your true self with full clarity,to see the beauty of all things as you’ re actioned are e tuned evolving system of self Aware”

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