Technology really played a part in making our lives easier. Now, we have access to almost everything we need with just a click on our phones or computers. However, some things remained the same. People still chose to keep a wall calendar that they use as a tracking tool to help organize their lifestyle rather than using a digital one.

What People Say About Our Move-A-Page, 3-Month Wall Calendar

3-month view calendar 2021
3-Month Wall Calendar 2021, Move-A-Page, Vertical Style

Helps me stay on track! I love that I can see two months ahead. That way, birthdays don’t sneak up on me! This calendar is unique and works for our family. Would recommend!

-K. Wojcik

Versatility and Space-Saving Features — a Winner! I bought this for one of my sons who has a small bedroom with very little wall space. He wanted something to help him keep better track of his schedule, and this was the best fit for his space and preferences. He really likes it. He says that the layout is simple and easy to process and the size and shape are precisely what he needed to fit his limited space. It also seems to be very sturdy, and the portability (it folds up nicely for transport if needed) is an additional plus.

-Wendy G. Anderson

Perfect for tracking your cycle and planning. Exactly what I needed even better than I thought.

-Michel Patrician

I got this calendar for my son, who is now doing a lot of schoolwork at home. This makes it easy for him to keep track of assignments and look at three months in one shot. The pages are easily removable and there’s enough space to write in each square. Really nice.

-Dianne Crowley

Great Tracking Tool and an Organizer. I was looking for some tool that will help me visually able to track all the business deliveries that we have to make in the next 3 months. We had experimented with using a whiteboard and marking things done and pending. But that doesn’t provide a view on a timeline grid. This calendar works perfectly to serve that need. Now we can track all the deliveries in the next 90 days. When the month changes we can move the months up after removing the previous month. We always have the most current deliveries schedule. This calendar is proving itself to be a great tracking tool. I wish we had found it sooner.


Great calendar for the office when you need to keep track of so much. I don’t have to keep turning the pages back and forth.

-Leanne Kotecki

3-month view calendar 2021

StriveZen’s 3-Month Wall Calendar 2021, Move-A-Page has been helping people organized their lifestyle. This move-a-page wall calendar has been of great use for families, parents and everyone who struggles in keeping their work-life balance.

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