Technology really played a part in making our lives easier. Now, we have access to almost everything we need with just a click on our phones or computers. However, some things remained the same. People, especially those who have hectic schedules, still chose to keep a wall calendar (bonus if it’s move-a-page) to help organize their lifestyle rather than using a digital one.

What People Say About Our Move-a-Page, 3-Month Wall Calendar

3-month view calendar 2021
3-Month Wall Calendar 2021, Move-A-Page, Vertical Style

I was looking for a multi-month calendar that fit and my pantry and I stumbled across this. Arrived quickly and is better than expected! Each section has all 12 months so no need to move each one up at month end. But, if you write a lot of the calendar you could definitely move rather than tearing off. It’s rare that I can’t find something to improve upon but there’s not one thing I’d change about this calendar!

-L. Crane

Got this for work and it’s so useful. I work as an accounting clerk and so I like the multi month view to see where we are in our fiscal week and month. It’s easy to take down a month to write things in and change them as the months change. The numbers are large enough to see from my desk with out having to lean forward or anything. One weird thing is that you get 3 copies of each month. I’m not quite sure why that is; and no it’s not successive years. Since you can move the months around I’m not sure why you would need multiple copies.


I LOVE this calendar – such a great product for us visual folks. My personal calendar is on my phone, but I like to keep a family calendar with things such as reminders for giving our dogs their meds – in the kitchen. It’s super easy to move the pages and there are extras in case you mess up. I wanted to recommend it to friends but I see it’s unavailable now. Hope that’s just temporary!

-Kindle Customer

Love This Calendar. As you can see, this calendar shows three full size calendar months at a time and fits on the top part of my refrig. The pages are made out of regular weight paper with a regular finish to them so you can write easily with pen or pencil. Pages can easily be removed without damaging the paper as shown in the last picture. Then they can be moved up to the next position by just pressing them into the binding. I found that one magnet was not enough to hold the calendar in place and it would slip down. So I put two good magnets at the top of either side to keep it from swinging and to keep it from sliding down. I really like the calendar and will definitely purchase another when 2021 rolls around.

-M. Teske

This calendar is KEY for birth work. At a glance, I can tell when I have clients and when I’m on call. I love being able to see months ahead. There are many more months than needed, because I just move my month up and discard the old one. (For instance, there are two May 2019s).


Love the 3 month visual on this calendar. Easy to move month pages! Very impressed with the design and quality. I will never go back to the basic calendars!


This is perfect. The months are removed and moved easily. There are plenty of extra copies in case you mess up one, there are two more of each month! Wednesday is spelled correctly 🙂

-Lisa Watsonville

I was looking for some tool that will help me visually able to track all the business deliveries that we have to make in the next 3 months. We had experimented with using a whiteboard and marking things done and pending. But that doesn’t provide a view on a timeline grid. This calendar works perfectly to serve that need. Now we can track all the deliveries in the next 90 days. When the month changes we can move the months up after removing the previous month. We always have the most current deliveries schedule. This calendar is proving itself to be a great tracking tool. I wish we had found it sooner.


I love this calendar! I can see 3 months at a time, and I can easily remove and relocate each month after use, or show a clean month instead. For instance, now I have Jan in the middle, Dec at the top, and Feb at the bottom. Once Jan is done I peel it off, exposing a Feb behind it. I peel off Dec at the top and can either move the “marked up” Jan to the top if I want to show the history, or just show the fresh Jan that is under the Dec. The bottom (future) month at the bottom gets peeled off and under it is, in this case, March. Its very flexible this way, and its absolutely ingenious for what I need.

-Professional Consumer 1

Works perfect for coordinating events with my wife! Just remove the current month from below last month and put on last month’s place, etc for the other two months!

-Richard Curley

I didn’t realize this was a move-a-page as well as three copies of each month. I like that I have the option of how I want to use my three-month-at-a-glance calendar.


I love this calendar, it easy to move month and you do not have to rewrite information as you can just move the month up.

-Ace of Heart

Just what I was looking for. The moveable pages are a welcomed plus. I like that the weekends are a different color. It makes a difference when your taking a quick glance. I am a shipping and logistics manager and this calendar helps me plan three months in advance. I love it!

-Terry S

I love being able to see three months at a time. It’s easy to remove and replace the pages, they stay in place.

-Eileen Palm

Love the size. Easy to write short notes on appointments, etc. The pages also come off and move around easily.

-Maggie Tierney

I like that I can see 3 months at a time and move the pages around. This has made scheduling so much easier. The only reason I gave 4 stars instead of 5 is the pages are curling up and not laying flat.


Really like the ability to move the months up so I do not have to fill in the months again.

-Jesse Lindner

I love it! The months are easy to move.

-Deborah S Archer

I like being able to see 3 months at a time and being able to move them and not having to rewrite them is awesome!

-Lynn H

3-month view calendar 2021

StriveZen’s 3-Month Wall Calendar 2021, Move-A-Page has been helping people organized their lifestyle. This move-a-page wall calendar has been of great use for families, parents and everyone who struggles in keeping their work-life balance.

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