Great calendar! Clear, easy to read – I have it hung on the wall behind my desk and it’s the perfect size to write on and see. The perforations are very sturdy so you can remove the months around. I’m very happy with the purchase!

-By Gray Fox

Being able to see everything for a couple months, instead of constantly needing to flip a wall calendar that only displays one month, is definitely useful!

-By Eric

Very easy to use, pages are easy to move and reattach. The dates are in bold, easy to read numbers. I can’t wait to order 2021 calendar when it comes out. Shipping was quick and I highly recommend this product as a way to keep track of upcoming events several weeks out.

-By SK Sedwick


This is a good size and all 3 calendars comes with every month listed in the range. Good size, the size of a standard notebook.

-By Karri Pizarro

I used this calendar to organize my grad school due dates and study times. It was helpful to be able to see 3 months at a time. It was nice to be able to choose which months I can see at once. It’s pretty much 3 calendars in one.

-By Darcy

I’m really happy with this calendar. Being able to see a 3 month snapshot without having to rewrite information makes it 5 star for me. Paper is heavy enough to not easily tear.I wanted to use magnets to place on refrigerator but found the entire thing was a little too heavy, but removing the duplicate months solved this problem (there are 3 copies of each month)

-By Kris J


I love the 3 month movable calendar. I thought the dates would be larger, but this is adequate. I love the 3 month movable calendar. It displays 3 months at a time which is very important to me to be able to see what I have planned in the coming months, seasons.

-By SheilasSisterSharon

Perfect for the work place. This calendar is so handy. you can see three months at one time and the blocks are large enough to write in.

-By T. Martinez

Lots of space to add notes in each day. Works perfectly for work or home. Pages are removable to move around as you please. I love the little pocket that’s available.

-By Ali V


Awesome calendar…hard to find one as good as this. Really can write lots of notes. Feel like I’ve got the next 3 months organized.

-By Chris


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